Doctors to introduce microchip that tells if you’ve taken your pills

We attended a Fortune 500 conference in November of 2006 and this was one of the topics of discussion. They were telling people to take their money out of BigPharma and put it in BioMeds because this technology will be the wave of the future. By the looks of things, I can tell they wasn’t lying.

via DailyMail

Microchips in pills could soon allow doctors to find out whether a patient has taken their medication.

The digestible sensors, just 1mm wide, would mean GPs and surgeons could monitor patients outside the hospital or surgery.pill_popper

Developers say the technology could be particularly useful for psychiatric or elderly patients who rely on a complicated regime of drugs – and are at risk if they miss a dose or take it at the wrong time.

It could also be used for the chronically ill, such as people with heart disease, to establish whether costly drugs are working or whether they are causing potentially dangerous side effects.

The sensors could even remind women to take the Pill if they forget.

The ‘intelligent’ medicine works by activating a harmless electric charge when drugs are digested by the stomach.

This charge is picked up by a sensing patch on the patients’ stomach or back, which records the time and date that the pill is digested. It also measures heart rate, motion and breathing patterns.

The information is transmitted to a patient’s mobile phone and then to the internet using wireless technology, to give a complete picture of their health and the impact of their drugs. Continue reading

Egypt Bans Use of GPS Technology

via Daily Star Egypt

CAIRO: Technology lovers and modern car owners in Egypt consider themselves unlucky because of a government ban on the usage of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Telecoms Law 10/2003 outlaws the import of GPS-equipped mobile phones, and retailers found selling them could lead to the confiscation of their entire stock. The same applies to any kind of commercial use of GPS technology, which includes cars equipped with GPS devices.

Mobile phones like the Nokia N95, N82 as well as iPhones and some 3G phones are banned in Egypt, leaving the market deprived of the latest technology and features that are fast becoming standard in the new generation of mobile phones. Continue reading

GPS Enabled Games Coming to PSP

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Only John Koller knows how serious John Koller, Sony’s senior marketing manager for PSP, was when mentioning that GPS-enabled games could eventually hit the PSP, but he definitely threw it out there. Speaking about the forthcoming GPS add-on for the PlayStation Portable, Koller stated that said module “changes the dynamics of GPS but also changes the way developers think about games on PSP, because you can start integrating GPS into it.” He continued on by mentioning that Sony’s own first-party studios were “already looking at a number of things [involving GPS in games],” and concluded by asserting that a GPS game could land on the system as early as next year. Considering just how long we’ve been waiting for the add-on, we’re not holding our breath on the titles.

Garmin Offers “Lifetime” Blackberry GPS Navigation for $100

Tracking Device Made Nice

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You’re not one of those people who still pays a subscription fee for navigation are you? Please say it ain’t so. If it is, it’s time to remedy your situation post haste. Forget whatever carrier service you’ve been using on your BlackBerry because Garmin is now offering their top-notch GPS navigation software for a cool $100. Voice and 3D guidance, millions of Points of Interest and Garmin quality; gotta love it.

They even have you covered with a version that works with BlackBerrys lacking internal GPS. “Lifetime” is a bit misleading however, perhaps intentionally. The license you’ll receive from Garmin is not transferable from device to device, and so it is good for the lifetime of the handset as opposed to your lifetime. Either way, if you plan to keep your shiny new BlackBerry for more than 10 months then the Garmin deal has paid for itself. Actually, factor in the unlimited traffic, weather and fuel price finder and it’s paid for in far fewer than 10 months.

WiFi Technology To Be Inserted Into Bodies Of High Risk Heart Attack Patients


[Source: Times]

OfCom, a communications regulatory body out of the UK is reporting that WiFi technology will soon be inserted into the bodies of high-risk heart attack and diabetes patients. At the threat of a heart attack or if a patient doesn’t take their medication the WiFi device will alert the necessary authorities who will respond as seen fit to assist the patient. This technology is at the forefront of what the new health industry will ultimately look like, with doctors monitoring and assisting their patients remotely.

The same report, titled Tomorrow’s Wireless World which will be released tomorrow also is reporting that car manufacturers are utilizing advanced GPS technology that will enable vehicle’s to communicate with one another. If the vehicles became dangerously close to one another the brakes would automatically be activated or if the vehicles were to collide then authorities would be alerted automatically. Paramedics who arrive at the scene will be armed with a small computer that will communicate with a device embedded within the driver’s watch that alerts the paramedic to the driver’s medical history. The technology is still in its testing phase. No word yet on when it will be available, how much it will cost or who will manufacture it. We will keep you updated with further developments. CLICK [HERE] for the full story.
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The Social Networking Wave of the Future

Can You See Me Now?

The future of social networking will take place on mobile devices opposed to being restricted to desktops. The mobile phone is being turned into a social platform that members of the same network can virtually interact on and then physically connect. Imagine being in a club and being informed via your phone that your fellow networker Tamika G is also in the house. You look at her stats and see that not only is she single but she said she’s looking for a “special friend.” Instead of approaching her at the bar you send her a text, telling her to order her spirits, first drink is on you! Not only have you broken the ice but if you play your cards right this can be helluva a night.

Imagine being in an airport and being informed that a executive from a prospective business account was nearby and you email them your LinkedIn profile along with a request for a convo. The possibilties are endless with vast networks like iPhone preparing to experiment with mobile social networks that can connect its users in cyberspace and bleed over in the real world by bringing them closer with GPS-locator technology informing friends where you are at all times (remember the Where You At? commercial?) These carriers can create networks with millions linked up and involved with every step they take. CLICK HERE for a full rundown on the social wave of the future.