[video] Kansas Jewish Center Shooting Suspect Yells ‘Heil Hitler’ in Squad Car

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.58.57 AM

Why is this country not monitoring the KKK as closely as they watch other groups? This guy was a still active member and obviously had no misgiving about yelling “Heil Hitler” while being in custody for killing these people in cold blood.

Details are still sparse about the deadly shootings at two Jewish institutions this afternoon in Overland Park, Kansas. Authorities have confirmed that three people were killed after 73-year-old Frasier Glenn Cross Jr. opened fired in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, and then minutes later at the Village Shalom senior care facility. Cross Jr. was apprehended at a nearby elementary school.


At a press conference, the area police chief said that while it was reasonable to assume that the act was a hate crime, that determination was still being investigated. However, news cameras at the scene picked up the suspect ranting in the back of a police car and appearing to shout “Heil Hitler!”

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