[pics] Jill Scott Nudes Leak..Is 4 Chan Responsible? (NSFW)

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You would think by now celebs would smarten up and keep their nudes off of easily hackable smartphones. I guess not. Jill Scott becomes the latest victim to be exposed for the world to see. In a way since she has lost a bunch of weight that this might not be all that big of a deal to her at the end of the day. Hit the cut to see what Jill in all her naked glory…

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[pic] Twitter Hacked Early This Morning

Wow. You would think Twitter would have a better defense system in place now but that goes to show you who really runs the internet. Story below:

via Huff Post

Twitter was hacked early Friday morning. Visitors to its homepage and domain saw a message from a group calling itself the “Iranian Cyber Army”

Twitter sent out a tweet at about 2:36 a.m. ET, acknowledging that the site’s DNS records were temporarily compromised. It said that the problem was resolved and in a blog post that followed, explained that the site was “redirected for awhile,” but that “API and platform applications were working.”


SOHH Hacked & Spammed With Racist Nazi Headlines, Pics

Source : Not Important

I awoke this morning and was put on to a vicious attack on SOHH. The site’s homepage was spammed with racist headlines and titles to there videos were changed to Some Nigger ft Some Nappy Headed Ho.
I was given a anonymous tip about these hackers and sent the info below.This is a must read from all our whole internet community. Please pass this on:

Full story under the cut…
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