[video] King Noble Gives a Scathing Response to the ‘Anonymous’ video directed at Kanye West

King Noble gives a scathing response to the recently released video from Anonymous (though their official twitter account denies any involvement and have distanced themselves totally) which targets mega super star Kanye West. The original video is after the cut..

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[video] Anonymous Declares WAR against FEDERAL RESERVE BANK

You might not agree with their methods but they have hit this right on the head in the video below. Huff Post also has an interview with a relatively new member of Anonymous that is really brief, but informative nonetheless.

via Huff Post

Anonymous was going after the Federal Reserve. Even for a group that essentially set off a series of attacks that brought the multinational giant Sony to its knees in April, this seemed like awfully big prey. Yet if you doubt the group’s ability to do damage to a powerful adversary, you probably don’t realize that it’s already landed big blows against some pretty sizable opponents – to begin with, Sony, and MasterCard, and Iran. Or that its members recently broke into the website of HBGary, an internet security firm whose CEO threatened to out Anonymous members, and published 50,000 internal emails and the CEO’s social security number, humiliating him into resigning from the company.

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Hackers Create “Koobface” Virus Attacks Facebook, Myspace

Can anybody tell me exactly what the enjoyment is in creating a virus? Any hackers reading this blog please let me know in the comments what is achieved with creating a virus. It seems like it is very time consuming and potentially could get you in a world of trouble. Is the risk worth the reward?

via Reuters


BOSTON (Reuters) – Facebook’s 120 million users are being targeted by a virus dubbed “Koobface” that uses the social network’s messaging system to infect PCs, then tries to gather sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

It is the latest attack by hackers increasingly looking to prey on users of social networking sites.

“A few other viruses have tried to use Facebook in similar ways to propagate themselves,” Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said in an e-mail. He said a “very small percentage of users” had been affected by these viruses.

“It is on the rise, relative to other threats like e-mails,” said Craig Schmugar, a researcher with McAfee Inc.

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[video] Hackers Infiltrate Large Hadron Collider, Mock Security System

I wonder whether the fellas over at 4Chan are behind this breech. What a way to poke fun at the biggest science experiment in the world. As the world shivered in its boots and questioned the safety of this experiment, some random kids hacked into the system and made mockery of a device that some fear could potentially reak unknown havoc on the planet. The irony of the youth!

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Hackers target Apple Iphones & programs

Yes Mac enthusiasts, they are coming to destroy your happy sappy life. We should all be very afraid. Hacking seems to have the government and major corporations scared sh*tless with no immediate answer in sight. Will there ever be a time when your computer network is totally safe? Probably not.

Will there ever be a time when your computer network is safe?

Will there ever be a time when your computer network is safe?


Security specialists said Saturday that hackers are taking increasing aim at iPhones and Macintosh computers as the hot-selling Apple devices gain popularity worldwide.Hackers have historically focused devious efforts on computers using Windows operating systems because the Microsoft software has more than 90 percent of the global market, promising evil-doers a wealth of targets.

Macintosh computers have been gaining market share and catching the interest of hackers, according to Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) security vulnerability analyst Cameron Hotchkies.

“There are more eyes looking over Apple products for vulnerabilities,” Hotchkies told AFP at a notorious annual DefCon gathering of hackers in Las Vegas.

“It has slowly been growing as a target people are more and more interested in.”


Cool Furniture For Bloggers,Webmasters, and Hackers


Now if you are on the computer as much as we are here over at Street Knowledge Media, you know sometimes you are literally sleeping on the screen some nights.Well this right here is dream come true for all us bloggers,webmasters, and hackers who have little room to spare in their apartment workspace.This bed rests above your head and easily comes down out the ceiling(especially when you come crashing down after a coffee headache).

Cool shit, something we could use in our little work area while we are blogging and producing our viral videos.

                                               More pics @ Gizmodo