Will Smith is King of the Box Office in 2008

Can wait to see what he does next. Even more amazing is that his son is probably going to be even better and bigger than him.


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NEW YORK — No name on the marquee was more pleasing to theater owners in 2008 than Will Smith, according to a survey of movie exhibitors. Smith, star of “Hancock” and “Seven Pounds,” was voted the star who generated the most box office revenue for theaters in an annual survey by Quigley Publishing Co.

Smith is only the second black actor to be chosen in the Quigley poll, which since 1932 has asked movie exhibitors to vote on the 10 stars who brought in the most business. Sidney Poitier topped the poll in 1968.

Smith’s superhero summer blockbuster, “Hancock,” grossed $228 million. “Seven Pounds,” currently in theaters, has pulled in a somewhat lackluster $39 million in two weeks.

Following Smith, in order, were Robert Downey Jr. (“Iron Man,” “Tropic Thunder”), Christian Bale (“The Dark Knight”), Shia LaBeouf (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”) and LaBeouf’s “Indiana Jones” co-star Harrison Ford.

The top 10 were rounded out by Adam Sandler, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig.

Last year’s winner, Johnny Depp, who didn’t have a film released this year, didn’t make this year’s poll, nor did seven-time winner Tom Cruise.

Anne Hathaway (“Rachel Getting Married”) was voted the top “star of tomorrow” along with Chris Pine of “Bottle Shock.”

Will Smith wants to do more ‘Bad Boys’ movies with Martin Lawrence

I must say I was a fan of both movies and would pay the outrageous $12.50 to see another installment. Martin the ball is in your court!


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Will Smith wants to make more Bad Boys movies.

Smith – who is married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith – says if his co-star Martin Lawrence is up for the challenge he would love to carry on the successful franchise.

Will says, “I would do up to Bad Boys 6 if I could. I have so much fun working with Martin Lawrence. I love Miami.

“It’s like that little boy fantasy is fast cars and girls and I got the gun and the bad guy’s always lose. It’s like I would make Bad Boys forever if I could.”

Showbiz Spy reported yesterday that Will is currently in talks for Hancock and I Am Legend

BET & Marvel Comics present The Black Panther

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Check out the trailer from BET’s first foray into comic book animation written by Reginald Hudlin and animated by Denys Cowan. It seems that BET is definitely moving into new directions in terms of original programming. Found this over at my new favorite blog Black Superheroes. The trailer below looks great and February can’t come fast enough. Expect the show to stay true to the comic so you will see characters from the vast Marvel Universe. For the full story go right here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hancock Does Super At the Box Office, Smith Sets Record

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Count Hancock as another blockbuster hit for
Will Smith. Over the five-day Fourth of July weekend (Wed-Sun), Smith’s
super-hero movie has grossed $107.3 million in the U.S. This marks
Smith’s eighth consecutive movie grossing over $100 million domestically and further strengthens his position as the biggest movie star in the world. Hancock
will gross over $100 million internationally as well as it currently is
at $78 million. Not bad for a kid from Philly born and raised. Smith’s
next project? An Egyptian Pharaoh or Obama?

Greatest Black Superheroes of All Time( 5 of 15)

Source: Bam! Kapow!

I think this post is for everybody who loves comics and superheroes. Please check out the full list from the great guys over at Bam! Kapow!

There have been several iterations of Green Lantern, even running concurrently, but none quite as tough or hardcore as John Stewart. Originally selected as a back up by the Guardians to Hal Jordan, Stewart proved himself worthy of the title. Often filling in for Hal Jordan when he was off world, the Green Lantern Corps was eventually reorganized so that two Green Lanterns would cover each sector; as such, Hal Jordan and John Stewart are equally responsible for Earth’s sector, 2814. Stewart becomes a full fledged member of the Justice League. The interesting thing about Stewart as Green Lantern is that because of his background as an architect, his Lantern creations have a unique, solid quality. He is also recognized as the best flyer in the Corps and has so much willpower that it actually exceeds the limit of his ring (as he once tried to recreate a planet from scratch). Also, Stewart is one of the only Lanterns who refuses to wear a mask because he is not ashamed to let people know who he is.

One of the original badasses of the ’70’s and former partner to Iron Fist Danny Rand, Luke Cage embodied the 70’s concept of Black Power and was one of the first Black superheroes to kick ass and take responsibility for cleaning up the hood. Impenetrable skin, super strength, and the ability to fight heroes in an open chested yellow shirt, leather pants, and a tiara without looking funny, Cage fought all those who threatened the innocent. In recent relaunches, Cage ditched the duds for regular clothes because real men don’t have to wear tights.

Goddess. Weather Witch. Mutant. Ororo Munroe has been known by many names and identities. Born to an American Mother and African father who died in her youth, Ororo was left to her own devices and survived as a thief. When her mutant abilities manifested, she was feared as a witch by some and praised as a goddess to others. Eventually joining Charles Xavier’s X-Men, she became Storm, one of the X-Men’s most powerful members, and eventually was chosen as bride to another member of this list, T’Challa, AKA The Black Panther. The Watcher attended their wedding, stating that their union would be one that will change the course of the Marvel Universe’s history.

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Can Will Smith Survive Bad Reviews of Hancock ?

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The reviews are out about the upcoming anti-hero movie Hancock starring mega-star Will Smith. Basically critics across the board are panning the movie but still believe the movie will open big thus keeping Smith’s winning box office streak intact. Arianna’s crew has got some of the reviews below:

The NY Post “Hancock” review is brutal, titled “Stuporman!” and talks about how rough the film is for a family film:

[Smith’s Hancock] doesn’t give a rat’s rear about political correctness. He also throws around the F-word, calls women the B-word and uses a slur similar to the one that got Isaiah Washington kicked off “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The Hollywood Reporter saves its breath in its “Hancock” review, saying “Great concept, shaky execution.” It adds, on a slight up-note:

The visual effects are stellar, but the true star is Smith, who again demonstrates acting chops as well as effortless charisma in a vehicle that’s only occasionally worthy of his superhuman skills.

Fox News “Hancock” review is rather unimpressed, and borderline mean:

“Hancock,” with which Sony is hoping to have a merry July 4, 2008, may not duplicate Smith’s previous successes. It is one of the worst family holiday weekend releases of recent memory — and jaw-droppingly so. And that’s hard to do, since it clocks in at a mere wisp of one hour and 20 minutes.

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Will Will Play Barack In Upcoming Flick?

Impeach the President?

It’s bad enough that every time I reference Will Smith’s new movie I have to follow up with ‘pause’ but now the BIG homie (no homo) is really on our gay-dar after his impromptu kissing session with Dave Letterman. I mean, who better to depict the first “black” president, right? LMAO

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Will Smith has played Muhammad Ali, a man in black keeping the world safe from alien invaders, the last person on Earth and, in his new movie “Hancock,” a boozy superhero with image problems.

But is the king of the Fourth of July opening ready for the biggest role of his career: Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama? In a word, yes

“It’s right here,” Smith said, holding up his legendarily prominent ears, which are not unlike Obama’s lobes. “That’s the key. That’s the key. America loves ears, you know? Mickey Mouse started it; Goofy and Dumbo followed behind. And America just loves the ears.”
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