Congressional Black Caucus Is Still Not Supporting Obama

Charlie & HillBill

Even though the ship is sinking these “Handkerchief Head Negroes” refuse to jump off the
S.S. Hillary. You have to ask yourself, after all the disparaging racial remarks made by the Clintons (Hill & Bill) how their negro loyalists can live with themselves and say that they are honestly representing their constituents best interests by opting to play on the losing team instead of being penalized in the long run for not lining up with the presumptive candidate. And let’s be clear, this has nothing to do with so-call “race” even though if an organization like the “Black Caucus” would stigmatize themselves based on racial disparities the assumption is they would have the best interests of the “black” community at heart.

Mind you Sen. Barack Obama is a member of the Caucus but yet they are supporting Hillary, who they passionately refer to as a “friend” of “black” people. Remember Bill was the “1st” Black President and they do have an office in Harlem. These politicians have been forced to fall in line by the elder leadership comprised of Clinton loyalist and No. 1 cheerleader Charlie Rangel. It’s all politics, they could care less about the welfare of their constituents or the overall “black” community. So for those of you that exercise your power to vote let your voices be heard ’round election time and send these negroes back to the cotton fields they came from. Let ’em do “Massas” biddin’ from there.
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