Super Cool Stuff: V-Rex Motorcycle


With the season change and warmer weather on the way, motorcycle enthusiasts will be on the road again and new buyers will be looking for machines that will definetly enhance their cool factor. I was privvy to have access to one of the cooler products that will change the face of super motorcycles.
The folks over at Travertson Motorcycle sent over these exclusive pics of their high powered V-Rex Motorcycle. Made and designed by Christian Travert, who seems to relish in the fact that his bikes are not just “souped up” machines but works of art. Very cool indeed.


How many of you wanna bet this baby makes it into some glossy music video or movie before the year is out?

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Harley Davidson Riding With DMC For Bike Week



Heads up to any bikers headed to Florida  this week for the Daytona Bike Week festivities, Harley Davidson has tapped the legendary DMC to spearhead their main events.  DMC, one-third of Run-DMC will be sitting in on the festivities March 6 to judge their “Hot Model” contest followed by a fashion show that will take place on the 7th.  Immediately following this fashion show, patrons will be treated to an explosive performance by none other than DMC himself.  So if you so happen to be headed out there CLICK HERE to get more info on this event.