[video] Miley Cyrus Smokes Salvia Bong for 18th Birthday

Doesn’t everybody smoke a bong for their 18th. birthday? Okay two stories in row about America’s obsession with drugs, I will move onto something else guys. Wonder how much Harvey Levin ante’d up for this video?

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via TMZ

The video was shot during a party at Miley’s L.A. area home 5 days after her 18th birthday.

According to a source connected with Miley … the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.

As for the video … the source tells us it was shot by one of Miley’s friends — and the theory is someone stole or copied the video from that friend’s camera.

2 Female Officers Suspended With Pay for Possible Rihanna Photo Leak

If this is true it shows that these women had no regard for Rihanna’s beating and were out to make a quick buck at the expense of justice and should be fired immediately.

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via HuffPost

LOS ANGELES — Two police officers have been placed on leave as part of a probe into who leaked a photo of pop singer Rihanna’s battered face after she was assaulted by her former boyfriend Chris Brown, the officers’ attorneys said Friday.

Rebecca Reyes and Blanca Lopez were “assigned to home” with pay, pending the outcome of criminal and administrative investigations into how celebrity Web site TMZ.com obtained the graphic photograph, which showed Rihanna’s face and mouth with multiple bruises.

Reyes’ attorney Ira Salzman confirmed his client was assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s division that handled Rihanna’s beating but said she had not sold the picture.

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TM SLEAZE – A XXX Parody of TMZ & Eminem & Lindsay Lohan

Take that Harvey Levin!

Source: Gawker

Finally, meet Feminem and Linda Blowhand, who is with child. She’s under the assumption that Feminem is the father of her child. Feminem is rapping in the studio, and uses the word “illin” in one of his raps. He’s with an African American co-worker – possibly his producer, possibly someone resembling Dr. Dre – who lets Feminem know that “illin” is outdated nomenclature. “You keep spittin’ that weak, people gonna know you whitebred,” he warns him. He gets assaulted by Linda Blowhand, who asks him why he hasn’t called. “Are you high? Are you tweakin’ right now?” Feminem asks her. “What do you think I am? You think I’m your little diamond oven whore?” she screams back. She then reminds him that the “lady” – presumably a reference to Samantha Ronson – “isn’t cuttin’ it in the orgasm department.” Feminem then inquires if it’d be okay for him to “come in you since you’re already pregnant,” which upsets her. “Hell no, I don’t want fuckin’ twins!” she assaults him.

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[Audio] Unreleased Michael Jackson Leaks “A Place With No Name”

Source: TMZ

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[Audio] Click Here for “A Place with No Name”

The song — “A Place with No Name” — sounds similar to the song “A Horse with No Name” released by the group America back in 1971. We’re told several years ago America’s manager gave his group’s permission for Jackson to record the song, “A Place with No Name” — despite the similarity.

America’s current manager, Jim Morey, who was also Michael’s manager in the late 80’s and early 90’s, tells us, “The band was honored that Michael chose to do their song and they hope it becomes available for all Michael’s fans to hear.”

It’s unclear when Michael recorded the song.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin Speaks About Michael Jackson and More!

Source: Kara Swisher/AllthingsDigital

This is a very insightful interview about new media giant TMZ who broke the story of the decade with the death of Michael Jackson. TMZ honcho Harvey Levin talks about the scoop and what is to come of the MJ coverage. Interview by Kara Swisher who does some great stories over at AllThingsDigital.

Vodpod videos no longer available.