[video] Lord Jamar on Azealia Banks on Bleaching her skin and Jaden Smith Wearing Skirts to Prevent Bullying

During a Twitter rant this year, Azealia Banks tweeted, “N***as don’t hear you unless you pass that paper bag test,” which was referring to women with lighter skin tones. The controversial rapper then revealed that she has been bleaching her skin, which Lord Jamar addressed during a recent interview with VladTV.

The Brand Nubian rapper explained that he feels that all types of body modification show signs of self-hatred, as he includes weaves, bleaching, and surgery in the same category. He then added that it all speaks to dissatisfaction about one’s self, and Jamar believes that there are different degrees of modification.

Lord Jamar, who has been outspoken about rappers and male celebrities wearing more feminine clothes, shared his thoughts on Jaden Smith recently saying that he wears skirts so that kids in the future don’t get teased. The rapper explained that while it seems that Jaden is trying to be a martyr in the situation, Lord Jamar believes that he’s adding to the feminization of all men in society.

[video] HBO’s John Oliver Destroys the Lottery: Shows People Spend More on the Lottery than Entertainment, Sports, Video Games and Porn Combined

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.20.23 AM

Some nations and countries certainly don’t mind having their winners identity protected since the attention really does plague a player as old acquaintances and long lost family friends come knocking from all corners. Winners world-wide have therefore been very creative about how they disguise themselves donning all kinds of head-gear from paper bags to motorcycle helmets.

Who knew state lotteries were illegal until 1964? Hit the jump for the real deal on the biggest scam going..the lottery.

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HBO pushes film to new heights with Cube Installation

Now I did not know what to expect when I visited the HBO Imagine website but I was knocked off my seat with this new way of storytelling. HBO has created a cube whereas two films, each 2 minutes in length and each played twice successively, on a rotating basis.

The experience is probably the most innovative way to view a movie. Click here to experience the next level in movie making and be sure to post the link on Facebook and get other people to check it out. Below is some more info about the project which will be in the DC area this week.

-5Here is the plot:

Heist: Four disparate scenes culminate, revealing themselves as different facets of a single, intricately orchestrated crime.

The Affair: A husband and wife, their maid and someone’s half-dressed lover are framed from four perspectives, showing the characters in different lights and implying different relationships.

October 8-10: Washington D.C. (Plaza at Adams Morgan)

MUST WATCH: The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

Source: Transracial

No politician has come back from scandal more than Marion Barry. This film delves into fall from grace and his ‘back from the dead’ life in politics.

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Showing TONIGHT on HBO, the film explores both sides of Barry’s lore — from his infamous “bitch set me up” period as a nation-wide poster boy for drug abuse and political corruption, to DC’s poverty-stricken Black neighborhoods where many still consider Barry a folk hero.

Along the way, we learn about his Mississippi youth, four marriages, jail sentences, myriad addictions and the intersections of race and politics over a 40 year period.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the man — which might understandably be dim — it’s potent, fascinating stuff.

Hughes Brothers’ Pimp Drama Under Fire By City Of Oakland


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The Hughes Brothers’ latest project Gentlemen of Leisure has come under fire by city officials who worry about the effect the new HBO drama will have on the world’s view of Oakland.According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the controversy is putting the new show’s shooting location in jeopardy, as members of the Oakland City Council and others debate whether or not to approve a film permit for the production.

Originally announced in July, Gentlemen of Leisure follows the life of a legendary Oakland pimp, as he struggles to leave the hustle.

The series, written by Evan Reilly, delves into the overall hustlers’ subculture by examining the conflict between old-school pimps and the younger guys whose approach incorporates the violence of the drug culture.

The City of Oakland’s concern is that the show will take advantage of the negative reputation already associated with the Bay Area hub and create an environment that will lead to the further exploitation of women. Continue reading

HBO Lands Rights to Inaugural Ceremony


via Hollywood Reporter

NEW YORK — HBO will kick off coverage of Inauguration Week with an exclusive Sunday, Jan. 18, telecast of the star-studded opening ceremony, two days before the saturation coverage of President Barack Obama’s inauguration begins in earnest.

president-reagan-inaugurationIn 1993, HBO paid $1.5 million to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to exclusively televise Bill Clinton’s kickoff from the Lincoln Memorial, something that annoyed non-HBO subscribers who weren’t able to watch the concert by Bob Dylan and Diana Ross.

This time around, HBO — which has been awarded the rights for an undisclosed sum — is planning to offer the event free to cable and satellite subscribers, regardless of whether they have the pay channel or not. The entertainment lineup for the event, which may also be streamed, hasn’t yet been announced, but both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are scheduled to attend.

“(HBO’s) proven track record as a leader in television will help ensure an event that reflects President-elect Obama’s commitment to holding an inauguration that is open, accessible and reflects America’s spirit of unity,” inaugural committee executive director Emmett S. Beliveau said. Continue reading

HBO Inks Deal with Creators of “Cocaine Cowboys”…Series Coming


via SOHH

HBO has struck a deal with the creators of Cocaine Cowboys, the award-winning documentary that examines the drug trafficking trade, to be recreated as a drama series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will chronicle stories featured in the film by closely examining the uprisings of Miami, Florida’s cocaine trafficking.

The network has tagged on-screen big wigs Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay to executive produce the project while “Cold Case” creator Meredith Stiehm will take over writing on the series.

Produced by Warner Bros. Television, the project may later be picked up by local network WBTV for physical production if it becomes a hit.

Based on the real-life experiences of criminals and drug traffickers in Miami during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the 2006 documentary offered viewers an inside look at the uprise of cocaine imports and violence associated with the lifestyle. Continue reading

Oprah Inks Movie Deal with HBO


via Chicago Sun

Oprah Winfrey’s grasp of all things media just got a little bit tighter.

HBO announced they have entered into a three-year exclusive relationship with Harpo Films to develop and produce movies and miniseries for the pay cable network.

The new deal effectively severs the 15 year relationship Harpo Films had with ABC.

Kate Forte, president of Harpo Films, said ABC had expressed interest in renewing the ABC deal with Harpo Films, but the creative freedom being offered by HBO was ultimately too good to pass up. Continue reading

Interview w/The WIRE Co-Creator


Now that The WIRE series has been put to the rest the restrospectives on the genuis of what many are calling The Greatest Show On TV will begin. In a quest to get to the heart of the genuis of the show HipHopDX took it one step further and interviewed the co-Creator Ed BurnsRead this thorough psychological breakdown of what The WIRE achieved to express by telling the story of Baltimore. CLICK HERE 

The Wire: Finale Has Fans Wanting More..


There alot of Wire fans who are in mourning right now due to the fact that the show has ended with a 90 minute finale. The show picking up steam in the latter seasons, has built a cult following and just when it is at its apex, has ended. Sometimes great things need to end on top(remember Jordan with the game winner against Utah), but this will probably just spurn  the show to eventually come back in some form or another.

 I say, get the dvd’s and start from the beginnning like I am doing now. Have you seen every episode? If not go back and enjoy the best series on television and then after watching every scene,then scream for more.

                             Check out a great article on The Wire..

Snoop From “The Wire” Witness to Baltimore Homicide


Snoop from HBO’s The Wire will be called as a witness to a murder that took place in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Allegedly she was present when the stabbing death of Tyrell Roseborough took place on “The Block” outside of a New York Fried ChickenAn alleged accomplice of hers, Steven Lashley is being charged with the body.  According to authorities,

 “The argument appears to have started because Tyrell attempted to ‘holler’ at Felicia Pearson and she rebuffed him,” Baltimore homicide detective Todd Corriveau wrote in a report. “At the time, Lashley and Felicia Pearson were friends and sometimes met with each other/sat in strip clubs on ‘the block.’ ”

The incident jumped off and resulted in the murder of Tyrell, the stabbing of his brother Raymond and friend Stanley Thomas.  Authorities have a statement made by Snoops denying any involvement in the incident.  CLICK HERE to see the full report.

Source: Smartenupnas.com