Koreans Clash With Police Over American Beef

Koreans clash with police over beef

Maybe if American parents were this adamant about their babies not being fed beef on steroids than we wouldn’t be having R. Kelly epidemics in every US hood

Nearly 230 people were arrested early on Sunday as thousands of hardcore South Korean protesters rallying against moves to resume US beef imports fought running battles with police.
Riot police carrying shields used water canon and scuffled with angry demonstrators as they broke up an attempt to march on the presidential office overnight, detaining 228.

The clashes followed mass protests late on Saturday when some 20,000 people joined a candlelit vigil against the government’s decision to import US beef again after an initial ban in 2003 over mad cow fears.

“Police have taken 228 people into custody, and they are subject to interrogation for possible punishment,” a Seoul police spokesman told AFP.
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Super iPod In Production, Rumored To Hold 20 Million Tunes

We recently reported on the Super Internet that is shortly on the way, now we are glad to report that an iPod on steroids is in production that will be capable of holding upwards to 20 million songs. Students at the University of Rochester are tweaking technology that will improve compression of files, enabling a file to be compressed 1,000 times smaller than the current MP3 file. So, in comparison a 80GB iPod that can currently hold 20,000 songs will be ramped up 1,000 times its capacity to hold around 20 million tunes!

Current figures suggest though, that Amazon onlu has 4,683,676 tunes available and the largest music collection in the world totals around 6 million, which roughly leaves a slot open for 14 million songs. Well I guess this will be the one and done Apple is looking for, if it intends to be pushing 45 million iPods annually by 2009. Stay tuned.

[Source: Hypebot]