[video] Teacher and Student Fight in Classroom Over Bag of Kush

If this kid was selling drugs in class,then this teacher should just be reprimanded for a week and then brought back to school.He may have made a spontaneous bad decision but I think he was justified. The school administration is going to feel differently which is understood, but damn this kid was not the least bit covert in what he was doing which he knew was illegal.


Students claim Black confronted their classmate about alleged illegal activity.

“The little boy was selling drugs in class,” said Kylan Townsend, a student. “The wrestling coach told him to stop … I guess he didn’t listen and tables were thrown. They started fighting.”

“The kid said like, ‘Hey, get off me,'” said student Sam Wittert. “And he pushed the coach. And the coach, like, pushed him up against the wall.”

Parent Skipp Townsend believes Black could have handled the situation better.

“The teacher was in a position where he could have controlled the situation without using violence,” he said. “But I definitely understand being frustrated with the children being out of compliance.”

School security and Santa Monica police intervened and the student was detained.

Neither the superintendent nor police would discuss the boys’ status Friday night.