[video] 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti-(First look trailer)

I wonder if the Hillary Clinton supportin’ Black Fem Mafia will put their coins up? Somebody get Feminista Jones on the phone cause I need answers.

From the producer of the hit film series Hidden Colors, a new documentary film about the Haitian revolution called 1804 will be released in Fall 2017.
Support the Indiegogo campaign by going to the official film site at http://1804movie.com

[video] Hillary Clinton says Al-Jazeera is ‘Real News’

Mainstream media has been failing us for decades. The Glenn Becks, Bill O’ Reillys, and Lou Dobbs are basically talking head entertainers that profit off of decisiveness and polarizing the country. Not just Fox either, they all at sometime or another have manipulated stories to their benefit. Surprised Hillary said this and I have to agree with her, though she has benefited the most from this corrupt system.
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that Al Jazeera is gaining more prominence in the U.S. because it offers “real news”–something she said American media were falling far short of doing.

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Hillary Initially Refused Secretary of State Gig

via CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) — When then-President-elect Barack Obama first asked Hillary Clinton to be his top diplomat, she turned him down and recommended others for the job, the secretary of state said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Hillary Clinton meets with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan on Friday to discuss North Korea.

Hillary Clinton meets with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan on Friday to discuss North Korea.

Speaking to ABC’s “This Week,” Clinton also said the president has answered the central question she raised about him when she was his chief rival for the Democratic nomination last year.

In her famous “3 a.m.” ad, she questioned whether Obama was the right candidate to handle a middle-of-the-night international crisis.

“Has the president answered it for you?” host George Stephanopoulos asked. Continue reading

Congressional Black Caucus Is Still Not Supporting Obama

Charlie & HillBill

Even though the ship is sinking these “Handkerchief Head Negroes” refuse to jump off the
S.S. Hillary. You have to ask yourself, after all the disparaging racial remarks made by the Clintons (Hill & Bill) how their negro loyalists can live with themselves and say that they are honestly representing their constituents best interests by opting to play on the losing team instead of being penalized in the long run for not lining up with the presumptive candidate. And let’s be clear, this has nothing to do with so-call “race” even though if an organization like the “Black Caucus” would stigmatize themselves based on racial disparities the assumption is they would have the best interests of the “black” community at heart.

Mind you Sen. Barack Obama is a member of the Caucus but yet they are supporting Hillary, who they passionately refer to as a “friend” of “black” people. Remember Bill was the “1st” Black President and they do have an office in Harlem. These politicians have been forced to fall in line by the elder leadership comprised of Clinton loyalist and No. 1 cheerleader Charlie Rangel. It’s all politics, they could care less about the welfare of their constituents or the overall “black” community. So for those of you that exercise your power to vote let your voices be heard ’round election time and send these negroes back to the cotton fields they came from. Let ’em do “Massas” biddin’ from there.
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Dem Candidates Have Global Appeal


The race for the presidency of the U.S. isn’t restricted to the shores of the continental United States. Both democratic candidates have a global appeal and the rest of the world has a vested interest in the outcome of this Presidential election. Obama favors well in Africa, Europe and the Mid East. On the strength of Bill Clinton’s favorable trade policies, Mexico and China are hoping it runs in the family and they are cheerleading for Hillary to take the title. Skpeticism is abound in pockets around the Middle East where even though they are rooting for Obama they doubt that America is ready to take direction from a man with Hussein as his middle name. The Wall Street Journal story said it best with this quote:

The world’s sole superpower has such an impact on the globe that, as a Belgian newspaper recently suggested, the rest of the world may feel it should be allowed to vote, too.

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Hillary Looses Her Cool, Starts Unraveling At The Seams


As the end draws near a visibly irate Hillary Clinton took the gloves off and went for broke against Senator Obama on Saturday, accusing him of falsifying her positions via mailings on healthcare and her involvement in NAFTA, the hallmark legislation passed by her husband while he was the HNIC on Capitol Hill. Obama fired back, calling the outburst a ploy, saying Clinton must have had advance knowledge that these mailings were in circulation. The infamous line “Shame on you, Barack Obama” became Hillary’s new battle cry, (CLICK HERE to see video) as their Ohio debate approaches. Tuesday (2/26) is the big showdown and the vote resumes on March 4, with delegate rich Ohio & Texas up for grabs.

Why Obama Is Jay-Z and Hillary Is Cam’ron

Lemme give credit where credit is due before we get accused of Swagga Jackin’  I got this from the homies over at blogometer.nationaljournal.  Thought it was hilarious and I had to share it. 
THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why Obama Is Jay-Z and Hillary Is Cam’ron

 Adam Leon explains:“Hillary Clinton’s plagiarism ploy brings to mind the classic beef between rappers Cam’ron and Jay-Z. In 2006, Cam’ron released several dis tracks aimed at his former labelmate, the generally unimpeachable Jay-Z. […]One of the songs Cam dropped was ‘Swagger Jacker,’ a seven-and-a-half-minute epic sonic collage sampling instances where Jay-Z ‘plagiarized’ from other rappers. The parallels to Hillary’s YouTube dis video are undeniable. Both Hillary and Cam’ron, unable to gain the respect or popularity of their rival, resort to calling their opponent a plagiarist. The arguments are thin at best, although at least Cam included multiple examples. As Noam Scheiber (No’am?) pointed out, almost all politicians bite each others’ rhymes, and Senator Clinton is in no way a stranger to the practice. […]Jay-Z came out the victor in the beef, in part because he reacted with no more than a shrug, refusing to release a response song directly aimed at his foe. Jay was able to position himself as above such childish and desperate mud-slinging, a strategy Senator Obama seems to have successfully, um, borrowed.”

Lets Get Ready To Rumble…The Dems Duke It Out For the Number One Spot

So the world’s fate has come down to a three-way race! What we do know for now is that the Republicans will be making a last ditch effort to uphold the ideal of continuing the trend of sending a white male into the most powerful post in the world, the U.S. Presidency. The war hero Maverick McCain is their man in one the most highly contested elections in memory. If he gets the nod from the Neo Cons in his party and takes the election he will become the oldest man to gain the reigns of power. Now contrary to popular belief Hillary isn’t the first woman to run for the highest seat in the land, that would be Shirley Chisolm in ’72. Matter of fact she was the first female and woman of “color” to bid for a Presidency so she set the incentive for both Hillary & Obama. And contrary to popular belief Obama wouldn’t be the first “amalgamated” citizen to hold the highest positon in America either. Prior to the founding of the “United” States of America, John Hanson was President of the Continental Congress followed by atleast nine others with mixed blood. Its even rumored that Eisenhower was mulatto. But we understand Obama is an articulate, identifiable “black” man with mixed ancestry that white folk are overwhelming throwing their support to, so he in essence is the “first” to have a serious chance of snagging the most powerful post on the planet since these United States where founded after ratifying the Constitution in 1787. How will America respond to its biases? Which do they fear the most? An old war hawk “Maverick” in control of the “red” button or an emotional woman or an “angry” black man? All of the stereotypes are at play irregardless of who stumbles over not wanting to be the first one to inject race, religion, gender or age into the debate. It is always fresh in the mind of Americans and the next Leader of the Free World will be the one who incites the least amount of fear in the overall electorate. So, to everyone else in the world, Americans included, what are your thoughts on this historic election and the fears that voters are being forced to face? Will it be our fear of religious zealots (Neo Con Republicans) the elderly (McCain) women (Hillary) or the “black”man (Obama) that determines how we set the course for history this election year?

Barack Tells Bill To Slow Down


“I’ve taken all I can take and I can’t take no more!”  Those are the sentiments being expressed by the Barack Obama in response to the barrage of inconsistent shots being thrown by Bill Clinton.  The Illinois Senator is taking exception with the former president for the “below-the-belt” remarks being thrown by Slick Willie. Obama said it is time to “confront” Bill on his “inaccuracies.” In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, scheduled to air on MLK Day, the gloves came off:

“You know the former president, who I think all of us have a lot of regard for, has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling,” Obama said. “He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts — whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas.”This has become a habit, and one of the things that we’re going to have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate,” Obama said.    

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Editor’s Note: I agree that Obama can’t stand still while the former prez and his wife’s cronies engage in mud-slinging politics but he also can’t allow himself to crawl into the mud-pit with them because when it comes to mud-wrestling that is an arena they reign supreme in.