Immortal Technique Rounds Up Police Brutality Stories

state sanctioned terrorism

via HipHopDX

The outbreak of criticism in response to the acquittal of several New York City police officers in the shooting death of 23-year-old Sean Bell has prompted rapper/activist Immortal Technique to compile a list of stories showing the pervasiveness of police brutality across the United States.

“Police State Chronicles” will be a collection of experiences of real people from different ethnicities and socio-economic statuses—including Technique himself—across the country detailing police misconduct.

After the stories are compiling, Technique intends to distribute “Police State Chronicles” to the media, Congress, the Department of Justice and even the United Nations.

“The violation of people’s fundamental human rights, is not just a race issue, or an inner city issue, this is a national issue,” Technique said via statement. “The state is taking people’s most precious belongings, their lives, without any sort of due process.”
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