[video] JAY-Z- HISTORY Inauguration Performance [FULL]

We are less than a week removed from witnessing what can be arguably considered one of the most miraculous events in our lifetime so we will be spending weeks putting that historic moment in perspective. Being the cup of HISTORY overflowed that impactful weekend of the Inauguration we will still be catching up and posting footage that was memorial. I was overlooking this all week because the links wouldn’t work but once I got to peep it, I’m see JAY KILLED THIS SH*T! I really can identify where the future of music is heading if inspirational anthems and empowering themes become the sound of this new day and age.  And just to think I didn’t care too much for “History” the first time I heard it…. 

[audio] Jay-Z HISTORY


Source: Nahright



Alright, rappers should be relegated to only one Obama montage video, especially if your song doesn’t capture the magnitude of the moment.  No mediocre tributes to the first black president, especially from Black Republicans.  I know this song isn’t about that but trust me the video will be.  I’m sorry folks, but I am not feeling how this project (Blueprint 3) is rounding out.  And I’m not impressed by the stadium music pitch either, tell it to the judge.  My dude been putting out silly-puddy ever since he got wifeyed up.  But please, this a democracy so tell us what you think.  


I really think this negro think he’s the fifth Beatle or something. C’mon take your ass back to Marcy to get a sampling of what the true meaning of “swag” is.  The true definition of a “swag” aesthetic is making something out of nothing, making a hundred dollar outfit look like its worth several stacks.  These dudes is out of touch with reality and it is starting to embarassingly shine through.   

Street Knowledge TV makes it to the FRONTPAGE of ALLHIPHOP.COM!


The world’s most dangerous website ALLHIPHOP.COM, did the inevitable and threw the world’s most dangerous blog, STREET KNOWLEDGE TV, on the front page of their site.  The good folks over at ALLHIPHOP took notice to the explosive super exclusive release of Common’s Full Length film for “TESTIFY.”  This rarely seen 9-minute clip features Wood Harris, Taraji Henson, Kenny Burns and Bill Duke.  Directed by Anthony Mandler the movie is Oscar worthy!  Click HERE for the FULL STORY!

And deep from the archive here goes another treat…its an early Christmas on this side of town!