[video] Suge Knight Was Driver In Fatal Hit-And-Run

Suge Knight has the award locked up for most drama-filled existence in the history of mankind and who can live to talk about it. More below from TMZ

Sources tell TMZ Suge’s lawyer is arranging for his client’s surrender to the Sheriff’s Dept. It is unclear if law enforcement will arrest Suge for hit and run or manslaughter. It’s possible the cops could conclude Suge is not legally on the hook because he fled out of fear for his life.
Suge Knight
got into a fight on the set of a film project in Compton, ran over a man who later died, and then fled the scene.

Multiple witnesses tell us a movie shoot was going down with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre when Suge pulled up in his car. We’re told security told Suge to leave and that’s when trouble began.

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[video] Drugged up Teenager Kills Woman with Van tells Police ‘She Was Old’

This piece of shit needs to be given the death penalty straight up and down. Never have I seen such a person who killed someone act and say the dumbest thing during her perp walk. She has a bunch of new friends who will be waiting for her as soon as she hits the cell block.

A teenager charged with crashing a van into a house, killing a woman gardening, told police she didn’t feel so bad after learning the victim’s age.

According to court documents obtained by CBS Radio’s 1010WINS, Kayla Gerdes was quoted in a written statement to police saying: “The thing that made me not feel so bad was she was old,” she said. “I mean, 70 years is a long time to live.”
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Raw: Hit and run Driver Runs Down Lady (video)

Source: HuffPost

This person is straight cold-hearted to run this lady over without stopping. Obviously they were intoxicated in some form or fashion. Story below the video:

via HuffPost

SYRACUSE, N.Y. Police are seeking a hit-and-run driver who ran down a nurse outside a hospital entrance in Syracuse, N.Y.

Authorities say 61-year-old Rebecca Forsythe suffered two fractured vertebrae, a broken leg and a cut to her head when she was hit Dec. 2 outside Crouse Hospital. She’s in good condition.

Forsythe was nearly across the street when a sedan hit her.

Authorities say an anonymous tip led them to the car Thursday, a day after they released a security surveillance video of the strike in hopes of finding a suspect.

Forsythe works for a company in Arlington, Texas, that finds temporary employment for nurses.