Owned:Michael Jackson Shuts Down Street Knowledge….

Sources: Michael Jackson, RIAA, WordPress

Yes we were shut down by the King of Pop and the RIAA. We were alerted by the great folks over at WordPress that a power move was made against us concerning a ditty by the name of ‘Hold My Hand’ a new song by Michael Jackson ft. Akon.

It was the RIAA that told us to.

The following is the subject of a valid DMCA Notice.


If you believe that you do have the legal right to distribute these files you must take this up with the copyright holder.
You are not permitted to re-publish the files until after you have done this.

If you do not have the legal rights you must delete the post.

Republishing the post without permission or continuing to publish material that results in DMCA notices will get the blog suspended.

Well obviously they were not happy with us posting the song and we were upended early this morning.
Our apologies to Michael Jackson and good luck on the album. And we will only post your videos, so please hurry up and make one. And thank you for reading the blog!!!

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