Upstart Blogs Go to War with Hollywood’s Old Media

Collider collides with BIG DOGS

via MTV

It’s the classic story of an all-powerful empire battling upstart rebels who want more freedom for the masses. Words have been exchanged, lines have been drawn, and the most sizable battle in this war is under way. It’s the kind of plot that would make for a great movie — but who’d break the casting news?

Recently, Editor in Chief Steven Weintraub fired a shot across the bow of Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, two traditional media magazines that have been covering the film industry for a combined 181 years. After providing untold thousands of links to the trade magazines’ sites when referencing news they first reported, Weintraub and several other popular film Web sites formally declared that they were sick of not being given the same courtesy.
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Toll Worker Sells “Brooklyn’s Finest” Script to Hollywood

Don Cheadle set to star in Brooklyn Finest

Staten Island toll worker Michael Martin, may have just struck Hollywood gold wit a script called “Brooklyn’s Finest” a gritty urban drama about NYC cops.

Martin entered a script writing competition after breaking some bones in a car accident and looked to use the money to buy a new car. Well it seems that script did more than just insure him a new car.

After floating around in Hollywood and garnering alot of big name attention and it has landed all all star cast will be directed by “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua. Strike that one in the column for the little guy with big ideas.

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