[video] Dairy’s Darkside (Cows being Abused at NY Largest Dairy Farm)

Source: Huff Post

This is a very shocking video and I must give warning to you guys before you watch this very disturbing video.

In early 2009 an MFA undercover investigator worked at the mega-dairy, secretly documenting egregious acts of animal cruelty, including neglect, with a hidden camera.

Thankfully, compassionate consumers can choose to withdraw their support of these abusive industries by adopting a vegan diet.
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[video] Meet the Super Cow

I accidently found this video when I was with some family sitting around searching for videos on youtube about how cows are abused at slaughterhouses. This is truly amazing and scary and probably what has alot to do with girls having fully developed bodies at 12 years old.

Scientists Find Genes that Make Sexes Think Differently

War of the Sexes

Surprise, surprise scientists tell us the obvious, men and women think totally different now if they can only figure out why

via Times Online

Men are more prone to aggression and risk-taking behavior, and tend to be proficient at understanding and devising systems, from car engines to the offside law.

While there are no sex differences in general intelligence, women tend to have stronger visual memories, while men are more proficient at visualizing objects when rotated in space. It has been suggested that this may reflect the way most men like to navigate by reading maps, while many women prefer to remember landmarks.
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