Suspect arrested in the murder of rapper Chinx Drugz

Lisa Evers breaks news of one of Hip Hop music’s biggest unsolved murders. More details will develop during the day.

[video] Ebro calls out Charlamagne for Tomi Lahren friendship, Skin Bleaching, and pandering to White America

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Ebro calls out Charlamagne for his recent friendship with Tomi Lahren. Rosenberg then in the below tweet calls him the devil in disguise.



Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.22.00 PM

Definitely did not see this coming. Though he was often ridiculed for having dark blotches on his skin never would I have thought he would get plastic surgery and bleach his skin. Hit the jump to see the newly knifed up and significantly whiter Charlemagne who gets playfully ridiculed by co-host Angela Yee in some random video.

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Chuck D Calls Out Hot 97 for “Sloppy Fiasco” its made of Hip Hop

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Definitely wanna hear Ebro’s response to the points Chuck is making, who has never held his tongue when it comes to how he feels about the current state of Hip Hop music. I would also like to hear Chuck address the fact that this current crop of ratchet reality television was practically built from Flavor Flav’s “Flavor of Love” which spawned everything we see now in terms of urban reality show programming.

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“The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop. #culturalCrime,” Chuck D said in the Twitter post.

One of Chuck’s followers responded by saying Hot 97 has to “pay the bills like everybody else.” To this, Chuck said: “yeah slavery paid bills too, correct?”

He elaborated: “bottom line is you make sht better than how you found it. You buy a house, don’t take care of it, a town is calling u out..”

[video] Hot 97 Realness: This DMX vs. George Zimmerman Fight CAN NOT Happen

After hearing the shocking and disturbing news that George Zimmerman is an actual celebrity and is going to have a so-called celebrity boxing match , news broke that The Game stepped up to the plate and was quickly dismissed by the promoters. Various reports then came out that Zimmerman wanted to fight Kanye West because of him constantly attacking the paparazzi who he deemed innocent and defenseless. Now we have confirmed that DMX will step in the ring to fight Zimmerman. This is bad on all fronts and Hot 97’s The Realness morning segment declares why this fight  CAN NOT HAPPEN.

Did HOT 97 DJ Mister Cee get ARRESTED for GAY SEX ACT in NYC?

To those who say this is just a rumor. This would be the foulest April Fool joke in the history of April Fool’s and why would HSK risk a serious defamation lawsuit reporting this and it be a total lie. No one would risk a lawsuit over Mister Cee, trust me.

Come on Mr. Cee? Having oral sex with young boys?  I have no idea how Hot 97 will try to sweep this one under the rug but this guy is obviously a closeted homosexual who has alot of things to deal with and getting arrested by NYPD is just one of them. If this is true The Finisher is Finished.

via HSK

Hot 97 Deejay Calvin “Mister Cee” Laburn (executive producer of the Notorious B.I.G.’S debut album “Ready to Die”) was busted by NYPD cops before being hauled off to jail and charged with lewd conduct. It happened this past Wednesday at about 5:00 p.m. That’s when cops approached a parked car and caught Mister Cee in the act of receiving fellatio from a man inside the vehicle. The 44-year-old music man was booked at Manhattan’s 1st Precinct, located at West Street and Watts Street.


[video] Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds Suspended Indefinitely for Haitian AIDS Joke

My thing is that Cipha Sounds is not the only on-air personality that has said something incredibly dumb,racist, and or stupid. My thing is when he apologizes in this video, he says it was “totally taken the wrong way”. Cipha what other way could this joke be taken except in the way it has been received across the board? For that right there he needs to be fired because he should of just admitted that he said something wrong and apologized and then shut up instead of making it seem like we did not get the joke. Sorry Cipha Sounds your career is over.

Vodpod videos no longer available. 


Jill Strada Tapped as Head of KISS FM


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Urban AC WRKS-FM (98.7 Kiss FM)/New York taps sister Rhythmic CHR WQHT-FM (Hot 97) APD/MD Jill Strada to Program Director. She replaces Ebro Darden, who will continue as PD of co-owned Hot 97. Strada, a 13-year radio vet, joined Hot 97 from WPYO-FM/Orlando in 2007, where she served as Program Director. Before becoming WPYO’s PD in November, 2005, Strada was the station’s APD/MD.

Strada commented, “I am excited to take on the position of Program Director of the legendary 98.7 Kiss FM, New York’s premiere heritage radio station with a talented and passionate team who are ready to raise the bar in this new PPM world. Under my leadership we will continue Kiss FM’s long standing commitment to excellence and will focus on taking the station to new heights.”

Emmis/New York Market Manager Alex Cameron commented, “I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Jill Strada to Program Director of Kiss FM. Jill will provide programming expertise, leadership and her positive energy to bring focus to this heritage property in our market that so genuinely represents the voice, music, interests and issues of its community.”

SOHH Exclusive: Hot 97’s “Check The Rhyme” Concert W/ 50 Cent & T-Pain Called Off

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SOHH has learned Hot 97’s highly-anticipated one-night “Check The Rhyme” concert next month has been cancelled.With a star-studded line-up of guests including 50 Cent, T-Pain, Slick Rick, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and others, a rep for the NEw York based radio station spoke with SOHH to reveal the event’s cancellation.

“‘Check The Rhyme’ is cancelled,” the rep told SOHH. “It was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with the artists.”

Claiming they were “not sure” or “at liberty to say” whether the concert would be re-scheduled, the rep promised all fans who purchased tickets would be taken care of.

“If they go to ticketmaster they will definitely be refunded.”

As previously reported by SOHH, the event was going to be hosted by Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex and highlighted with legendary hip-hop icon Kool DJ Red Alert behind the turntables and Video Music Box’s Ralph McDaniels both celebrating 25 years of hip-hop achievements.

Other billed performers included Q-Tip, Brandy and Doug E Fresh.

Radio Hosts Stoop to New Lows as Remy & Shooting Victim Air It Out On Air

Remy Ma & Shooting Victim Makeda

The travesty continues…on the morning of the 14th, both Remy Ma and shooting victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph called into New York radio (Hot 97) to state their case. The radio hosts, DJ Envy and Miss Jones took this opportunity to stoop to new lows by ridiculing the young lady who was “allegedly” shot by Remy. Not only were they accusing her to be ‘out for the money’ but while she was explaining her ordeal you could hear them ad-libing her vocals with sounds of gunshots and snickering laughter. Jonesy, as she is so passionately referred to, stated her bias from the gate by telling Makeda that Remy was her girl and she was riding with her rendition of the event. Even though this girl was clearly hysterical on the phone, pleading with someone to show some compassion and hear her story these buffoons up at the radio couldn’t extend her an ounce of decency.
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