[video] Why College Isn’t for Everyone: Robert Reich

The school loan debt bubble is gonna bust soon. Kids have been programmed to think the only way to make it in the world is by racking up massive debt to go to college. What’s most interesting is how they briefly talk about how college is no more than programming you with what to say and do in order to join the rat race of the middle class.

On “Morning Must Read,” Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns recaps the op-ed pieces and analyst notes that provide insight into today’s headlines. Harvard Business School’s Robert Kaplan also speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”



The Great White Hope: Do You Believe?


via NY Times

THESE days the Asher Roth show begins after the concert is over. In late March Mr. Roth performed at the Sherman Theater here for East Stroudsburg University’s “I ♥ College” week. By 10:30 p.m. he was offstage, and the obstacle course began.

First came the well-wishers and the weed smokers, who kept this young rapper occupied for a long time in the basement dressing room. Then, outside the theater, came the frat boys, beers in hand. Was Mr. Roth, they wondered, man enough to party with them? Then there was the guy in the gray sedan who trailed Mr. Roth’s caravan back to the Budget Inn & Suites just to see what was going on. After that a return to town: house party crashed, beer pong played, pictures snapped.

“I have to embrace this role of ‘Asher Roth’ now,” he said the following morning in the hotel’s empty restaurant, wearing the same white T-shirt and grayish jeans as the night before and straining a bit after just a few hours’ sleep. “If I continue to behave this way, sure, people are going to love me, but I’m going to be run down into the ground.”

Mr. Roth is taxed because of another morning after, the one described in the woozy party anthem “I Love College,” his debut single, which has sold almost a million copies to date, peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been streamed more than 30 million times on his MySpace page. It’s a wistful look back at his slacker student years: “I can’t tell you what I learned from school/But I could tell you a story or two.” In the video Mr. Roth winds his way through a surrealist frat party, dancing with people in animal suits, making out with girls and grinning madly. Continue reading