Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Set To Sell Beats By Dre to Apple for $3 Billion

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Suge Knight is gonna be pissed once again, but there is nothing he can say to stop Dre from closing on one of the smartest and biggest deals in the history of the music industry.

via TMZ

Dr. Dre could be days away from being the first rapper turned BILLIONAIRE … thanks to a mega-deal for Apple to snatch up his Beats Electronics brand.

Apple will reportedly buy Beats for a whopping $3.2 BILLION — and since Dre and Interscope honcho Jimmy Iovine created the brand … it’s a safe bet they will walk away with a huge chunk of that cash.

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[video] Sway finally has ‘ the answers’ on 50 Cent becoming an Independent Artist

Sway finally has the answers and drops some great insight as to what he thinks could be a great situation for 50 Cent taking control of his career and truly being his own boss. Now ironically when will Sway due the same thing and leave MTV and build his own brand, he could definitely do it and has probably the best relationships in the music industry. Your move Sway.


[Op-Ed] Eminem’s back…but does the world still need him?


via The Independent

You must have heard it by now. That adenoidal, sing-song delivery; the slow, clipped beat, the tack piano… like a signal, beamed from a not-too-distant past. Nothing remarkable about that – except that, in the hyper-accelerated world of pop, a five-year silence is equivalent to skipping an entire generation. So the leak of a new track from Eminem – amid reports that he’s set to return with not one but two new albums – has understandably set the internet buzzing.

Which is fine – but can Marshall Bruce Mathers III, by far the biggest-selling rap artist in the world, possibly reclaim his position as the world’s most famous MC? His long, self-imposed exile is the least of it. After a reconciliation with (and subsequent divorce from) perpetual ex-wife Kimberley, the murder of a close friend, rumours of creative burnout, signs of weight gain and a much-publicised “dependency on sleep-medication”, he’s starting to resemble, for sheer weight of troubles, the very Michael Jackson he once mocked.

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Eminem Producers Suit Against Aftermath Goes To Trial


via HipHopDX

The 2007 lawsuit initiated by former Eminem producers FBT Productions LLC against Aftermath/Interscope is going to trial today. Marky and Jeff Bass of FBT Productions are credited with production on the first three Eminem albums. The suit was spawned from a longstanding industry practice of record labels licensing content to third party distributors, such as Apple’s iTunes. In the original suit, FBT claims Aftermath did not have the right to license songs to Apple or other third party content providers. Record labels have the right to distribute physical CDs, but this lawsuit implies that they don’t have the right to distribute music digitally.

The Honorable Ronald M. Whyte will preside over the case of F.B.T. Productions LLC et al v. Aftermath Records et al. A source close to the situation spoke with HipHopDX to clear up false reports that Eminem initiated this lawsuit against Universal, which is the distributor of both Aftermath and Eminem’s Shady Records imprint.

“It’s these two guys that had Em way before he signed to Aftermath,” the source explains. “Neither Eminem nor anyone in his camp is associated with them in any way. The suit includes Universal because they distribute Aftermath, but Em wants to make sure everyone knows he’s not involved in this.”

A similar suit was filed in 2004 by the Eight Mile Style publishing company, after the song “Lose Yourself” was licensed to Apple for an iTunes ad which also promoted his album. As it currently stands, when Apple sells songs for $0.99 on iTunes, approximately $0.70 go to the label, which then in turn gives $0.091 cents to the publisher.

Snoop Dogg Leaves Geffen/Interscope Records


via Thisis50

Snoop Dogg has confirmed that he will no longer record with Interscope, his label home for over 10 years.

The split comes nearly one year after the release of Snoop’s ninth studio album, Ego Trippin’.

Lead by the crossover, 80s inspired ballad “Sexual Eruption,” the LP debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Top 200, but fell short of gold certification.

While the West Coast veteran declined to give specific details on the reason for the sudden split, Snoop verified there will not be any final albums with Interscope.

“We are pushing the envelope on getting everything finalized,” Snoop told AllHipHop.com. “But I will not be releasing anymore projects under Interscope/Geffen.”

In his first tenure with Interscope under Death Row Records, Snoop released his classic, 4X platinum debut Doggystyle (1993), the platinum Murder Was the Case soundtrack (1994), and the double platinum sophomore solo Tha Doggfather (1996). Continue reading

50 Pushes Album Back to ’09


via Billboard

Originally due Dec. 16, 50 Cent‘s new album, “Before I Self Destruct,” has been pushed to an unspecified date in early 2009.

Interscope says the artist was “rushing” to meet the December date but “with the deadline to secure advertising and retail placement for the album imminent,” the rapper opted to wait until next year.

The album boasts production and guest turns from mentors Dr. Dre and Eminem; producer Scott Storch helmed first single “Get Up.”

“Before I Self Destruct” will be bundled with a full-length feature film of the same name, in which 50 Cent plays a budding basketball star who becomes a criminal after his mother’s murder.

Early pressings of the album will also include a second DVD with the documentary “Two Turntables And A Microphone: The Life And Death Of Jam Master Jay,” which 50 Cent executive produced.

Busta Finds New Home at MOTOWN

via SOHH

SOHH has confirmed that Busta Rhymes has left Aftermath/Interscope and is officially signed with Universal Motown.

According to Motown reps, the New York rapper has signed an agreement to release his next project on the famed label – which is also home to Lil’ Wayne and Chamillionaire.

As previously reported by SOHH’s Ya Heard blog, the hip-hop icon was in talks earlier this week about leaving Aftermath to pursue a run with Motown. Busta helped the summer heat up when it was rumored he was being dropped from the label.

“I can’t confirm or deny anything,” an Interscope/Aftermath rep previously told SOHH about the then rumored split. Continue reading

New Slim Thug!! Slim Thug-“Theme Song-Hoggs On the Grind”


Found this video over at Snicka.com(feeling the new look). The big homey Slim Thug got a new hot single that should ignite what he started a couple years ago. Honestly his indie game is so huge, the majors was just him speading his wings.

A while back I worked at a production company and my assignment was to finish up a dvd already started about Slim Thug. Long story short… MTV cribs will be going to see him soon if they have not already!!
More info..

Jimmy Iovine signed him for a million dollars and a Bentley which he wound up taking back to get a Phantom cause it was too small.