[video] Steve Jobs – (Trailer #2)

Looks so much better than the Ashton Kutcher movie that bombed.

Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

Steve Jobs is directed by Academy Award® winner Danny Boyle and written by Academy Award® winner Aaron Sorkin, working from Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the Apple founder. The producers are Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady of Film 360, Scott Rudin and Academy Award® winner Christian Colson.

Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs, the pioneering founder of Apple, with Academy Award®-winning actress Kate Winslet starring as Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple, is played by Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels stars as former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film also
stars Katherine Waterston as Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend, and Michael Stuhlbarg as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original members of the Apple Macintosh
development team.

[video] Steve Jobs – (Official Trailer)

The second biopic about the life of tech supergiant Steve Jobs.

Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac,Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

Steve Jobs is directed by Academy Award® winner Danny Boyle and written by Academy Award®winner Aaron Sorkin, working from Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the Apple founder. The producers are Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady of Film 360, Scott Rudin, Boyle and Academy Award®winner Christian Colson.

Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs, the pioneering founder of Apple, with Academy Award®-winning actress Kate Winslet starring as Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple, is played by Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels stars as former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film also stars Katherine Waterston as Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend, and Michael Stuhlbarg as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original members of the Apple Macintosh development team.

Are Poor People Wasting Time on The Net?

This is a very interesting article and should be read by poor parents who stick gadgets in the faces of their kids before they can even walk.

via Gawker/NYT

As access to devices has spread, children in poorer families are spending considerably more time than children from more well-off families using their television and gadgets to watch shows and videos, play games and connect on social networking sites, studies show.

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[video] iPhone 4 Drops Calls when Left Corner is Touched

Insanley Great Mac:

This is weird. Touching the lower left corner of the iPhone 4 consistently drops calls. I’ve been testing this all night and here’s a replication on video. The test was performed four times, but it could have been 40. Whether the palm of the and, should, neck, or any body part results in quickly dropping the call. This does not appear to affect the iPhone 3GS, which was tested with the iPhone 4.


BlackBerry Bold 9650, BlackBerry Pearl 3G


via Huff Post

Research in Motion unveiled two new BlackBerry models, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G.

The phones are not radically different from earlier versions, but do offer several new features.

According to The Street, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is “a candy bar smartphone with a 3.2-megapixel camera, a ‘large, high-resolution screen, GPS and Wi-Fi (802.11b/g). It’s made to work as either a quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS or dual-band CDMA/EV-DO (Rev A) phone.'”

The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is reportedly the smallest BlackBerry yet.


Steve Jobs introduces the new ‘iPad’

via NY Times

All of us use laptops and smartphones now. The question has arisen lately: is there room for a third category of device in the middle?

The new device will have to be far better than the laptop and smartphone at doing important things: browsing the Web, doing e-mail, enjoying and sharing photographs, watching videos, enjoying your music collection, playing games, reading e-books. Otherwise, “it has no reason for being.”

Apple’s answer: the iPad.

It looks like, well, a big iPhone, pretty much as anticipated.


[video] iDriver – iPhone remote controlled car

Source: Popsci

A regular feature of this blog will be finding the coolest and interesting iPhone Apps on the planet. Here we have another that actually can drive your car. More information below:

iDriver is an iPhone application to remote control a car. Go to http://www.spiritofberlin.eu for more information on “Spirit of Berlin”, a completely autonomous vehicle by the Freie Universität Berlin. It is equipped with various sensors and a drive-by-wire system for unmanned driving. iDriver is an addon to remote control the car with an iPhone. Powered by Appirion UG (http://www.appirion.com).

WTF? Passion iPhone App Rates How Good You Are In Bed

The guy who needs this is seriously lacking in the lovemaking dept.

via   HuffPost, Chris Alvares’,

What is Passion?

Ever wondered if how well you compared to other people during sex, well now you can with Passion. This iPhone application measures how well you perform during sex, and gives you a rating from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest. Then you can go online and see how well you did against the rest of the world.

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The Top 7 iPhone Games You Need To Play

via KoKu

Sorting through the 6,000+ games in the iTunes App store one by one is a tedious and frustrating process. With literally every single genre of game represented, lite or full versions offered and thousands of copycat titles, who has the time to play them all? Well, not me. I actually have a life. I have played a lot of the games in the App store, though and lucky for you I’ve made a list. These games are the cream of the crop, according to yours truly. Here is my “Top 7 iPhone Games You Need To Play.” Why 7? Because I said so. Share with us what some of your favorite iPhone games ar

[video] WTF? iSnort iPhone App

C’mon folks, this sh*t is major reckless. According to a panel we attended last month, no iPhone app can be approved without going throught the appropriate screening process by Apple, so the question begs to be asked, who the f*ck approved this and why isn’t their head rolling as we speak? America sure does have a way with devouring her young.

iPhone 3GS Sales Exceed 1 Million, iPhone 3.0 Downloads Reach 6 Million


via DigitalDownload

Looks like Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s second estimate of Apple’s weekend iPhone sales underestimated demand just as badly as his first. Apple didn’t sell 500,000 units of its new iPhone 3GS over the weekend, as Munster first predicted. Nor did it sell 750,000 units as he said in a research note this morning. It sold over one million. Moreover, downloads of the company’s new iPhone 3.0 software, launched last Wednesday, have already reached six million.

“Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said a press release today. “With over 50,000 applications available from Apple’s revolutionary App Store, iPhone momentum is stronger than ever.”

An impressive showing. Particularly considering all the factors that could slow sales: The souring economy, competition from the Palm (PALM) Pre, the BlackBerry Storm, the T-Mobile G1 and, of course, the iPhone itself. After all, there is now a $99 iPhone on the market. Beyond this, there’s the fact that the 3GS was launched in eight countries. The 3G debuted in 21.

Interestingly, this is the first time we’ve seen Jobs quoted in an Apple release in some time now. As best I can tell, the last quote attributed to him was in a Jan. 21, 2009, earnings release. Since then, Apple (AAPL) has issued 22 more press releases. This, the 22nd, is the first in which it is Jobs, and not COO Tim Cook or Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, who is quoted. Does this mean he’s officially back at work following his medical leave? I’ve put that question to Apple and will update if I hear back.

New iPhone 3G S Comes With A Little Video Bonus For Music Marketers

via HypeBot

Yesterday’s big news was the unveiling of the new iPhone, and along with it came a nice little bonus for those who sometimes market music via video.iphone_3g

Sure its great that Apple lowered the price on the basic 8G model to $99 making the cool to own iPhone more affordable for your average starving musician.  But the real news…

is the new iPhone 3G S which, in addition to a storage increase, digital compass, faster connection speeds, and the nifty new iPhone 3.0 operating system, adds a number of new imaging and video features that should have pocket camcorder manufacturers like Flip feeling nervous.

The HD mini-camcoders leave the iPhone in the dust when it comes to resolution. But the new iPhone’s editing and sharing features beat anything offered in the current crop of pocket camcorders. And not only can you do basic edits on the iPhone 3G S without a computer, but you can also upload videos to YouTube or MobileMe and share them via e-mail or multi-media text messaging.

Now artists, music journalists and fans can pull out their iPhone 3G S, grab a little concert or backstage footage, edit out the drummer giving his friend the finger and have it up on the web in seconds without a computer or internet connection.

UPDATE: Introducing the Apple iPhone 3GS & $99 3G

via Hypebeast & Engadget


Apple officially unveiled their new iPhone 3GS today, at the company’s annual developers conference. Making its debut in stores on June 19th, the iPhone 3G S offers a variety of features iPhone enthusiasts have been craving for. Highlights include: a faster processor that runs applications at twice the current speed, auto-focus 3MP camera, video feature, voice control, 9 hours of web surfing battery life, and digital compass amongst many other features. Available in two different colorways (black or white), the iPhone 3GS will come in a 16 GB version running for $199 and 32 GB version for $299. Further information regarding the upgrade can be found via the official Apple website.

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Hulu iPhone App Coming Soon, ‘Badass’

via BusinessInsider

Hulu is in the process of developing an app for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and iPod touch, we have learned from a plugged-in industry executive. The app is coming soon (within a few months) and is “badass” — as excellent as Hulu’s Web site. Video will work over both wi-fi and 3G, we’re told.ipod_app

It won’t be the first Web video app for the iPhone — CBS’s TV.com app is on the market, as are Joost, i.TV and several others — but it could be the best. Hulu’s tech and design teams have demonstrated themselves as the best in the Web video industry, as everyone is now trying to emulate them. One hurdle, we assume: Because of Hulu’s streaming architecture, it might not be possible to download videos to watch later, such as on the subway or an airplane.

Why would Apple and AT&T approve this app, which will use up a lot of bandwidth and compete with Apple’s iTunes video store? Because it will help sell iPhones, iPod touches, and AT&T subscriptions. And that’s the whole point of the App Store. (And if we were Hulu, we’d offer Apple and/or AT&T an ad revenue-sharing deal, too.)

Mobile video has not taken off yet, mainly because most services — offered by carriers — are too expensive, or look terrible. Just over 3% of mobile subscribers watch video on their phones, according to comScore. An iPhone Hulu app, on the other hand, could be very popular.

We have asked Hulu for comment and will update if we hear back.

Diddy launches interactive “Last Train to Paris” iPhone app


via Woooha

Diddy x iPhone. I swear, Diddy should get an award for his marketing abilities with the internet and today’s technology. That guy is a master at the Twitter game much like I am the master of NBA 2K9 on the PS3. Well now Diddy is jumping on the iPhone app tactic to push his upcoming album “Last Train to Paris.”

The app is pretty simple. You just take a photo of yourself, write a quick message on the app and send it. Your photo and message then becomes part of a bigger train collage where you can view other people’s photos and messages. Alright! LET’S GO PEOPLE!!! (the twitter fam will get it). Props to Clyde for heads up. He always brings the heat.

New cable brings iPhone, 3D support to Vuzix eyewear


via Engadget

We know your pain, Vuzix users. You hop on the subway just trying to enjoy a little in-your-face action before the workday begins, and within minutes the accusations and stereotypes start flying. “Look, it’s Geordi La Forge!” “LeVar Burton, what’s good?!” “Can I try my Zune on that?” Depressing, really.

Unfortunately for you, Vuzix’s latest cable will not make any of that any more sufferable, though it will enable you to use your existing eyewear with Apple’s iPhone and enjoy the spoils of side-by-side, interlaced and anaglyph 3D content. Said cable will be bundled in with the company’s iWear AV230XL, though existing customers will definitely want to snag the standalone version for $39.95. The full release is after the break.

Skype, the Web Phone Giant, Brings Cheap Calls to Cellular



via NY Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Skype, the Internet calling service that has more than 400 million users around the world, is aggressively moving onto mobile phones.

The Luxembourg-based company, a division of eBay, plans to announce on Tuesday that it will make its free software available immediately for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch and, beginning in May, for various BlackBerry phones, made by Research in Motion.

Other companies have already made software for those phones that works with Skype, but it does not offer all of the service’s features.

As with Skype on the computer, users of Skype on mobile phones can make calls and send instant messages to other Skype users free, and they pay lower rates than the phone companies would charge when they use Skype to call landlines or other mobile phones. Continue reading

Report: AT&T ready with no-contract iPhone offer

via CNET

(CNET) — AT&T may be getting ready to offer the iPhone 3G at a very expensive yet no-commitment price.

BoyGeniusReport.com has a report out Wednesday that AT&T plans to offer iPhone 3Gs at $599 or $699 without requiring the customer to sign a new two-year agreement, starting next week.iphone_

When the iPhone 3G launched last year, AT&T said it would offer such an option, but never pulled the trigger.

An AT&T representative declined to comment on the report.

The move would seem designed to rid AT&T of iPhone inventory ahead of the launch of a new product later this summer, as most of us are expecting.

Apple didn’t allude to any new hardware during its iPhone 3.0 event on Tuesday, but there have been a few signs, and the company has noted that iPhone releases seem to be falling into a yearly schedule around June or July.

iPhones sales soared after Apple and AT&T cut the starting price to $199 last year, but there are definitely some people who would like an iPhone free from AT&T and a two-year commitment to paying a monthly wireless bill, even if it costs them more up front. Continue reading

‘Watchmen’ Game Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch


via Switched

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps in Iraq), you’ve been hearing about the release of a little low-budget indie art film called ‘Watchmen.’ Based on the twelve-issue comic book by renowned comic writer Alan Moore — and now available in all-in-one form as a graphic novel – ‘Watchmen’ is one of the most beloved franchises in all of comic-dom. And today, Warner Brothers announced that it will be publishing — in addition to ‘Watchmen: End is Nigh’ for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — an online, multiplayer game for iPhone called ‘Watchmen: Justice Is Coming.’

Described as a “multiplayer online adventure fighting game,” ‘Justice’ lets you and thousands of other characters play at the same time in one virtual world, whose missions, areas and secrets are constantly being updated by the developers. While it’s not quite as advanced as something like ‘World of Warcraft‘ (the most popular, massively-multiplayer game ever), users can chat with and battle other characters as they move through the adventure. Players can even customize their avatars’ looks and skills before hitting the mean streets of Manhattan.

‘Justice’ will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch in the next couple of weeks. For more on the game, check out G4TV‘s video preview and interview with the developers. [From: G4TV]

T-Pain to release Auto-Tune app for iPhone


via Woooha

Another reason to buy the iPhone, so you can sound JUST like T-Pain. Mr. Pain is teaming up with the famed Auto-Tune designer Antares to develop an iPhone app that lets you speak and record your voice with the signature Auto-Tune sound.

According to the LA Times, the app won’t let you alter your voice on actual phone calls but instead you will be able to record your Auto-Tuned voice over the beats of T-Pain and listen to them on your iPhone. Under the deal with Antares, T-Pain will do the majority of marketing and publicity for the app and will receive an undisclosed royalty for each app sold. More details to come as the deal continues to develop.

T-Pain’s other business deals included a Pepsi ad campaign and a promotional deal with auto manufacturer Hyundai.

Steve Jobs has hormone imbalance, will remain CEO

Well I guess this is supposed to quell the rumors about his health, but they will persist until he makes a public appearance and announces absolutely nothing.  In the meantime get him a steak with some Bovine Hormones in it.


via Yahoo

NEW YORK – Apple Inc. founder and Chief Executive Steve Jobs, looking to quell rumors about his health, said Monday his doctors have discovered a hormonal imbalance that has been causing his weight loss.

Jobs, 54, said he will undergo a “relatively simple” treatment and will remain as head of Apple.

“A hormone imbalance … has been ‘robbing’ me of the proteins my body needs to be healthy,” Jobs said in a public letter, adding, “Sophisticated blood tests have confirmed this diagnosis.”

Speculation about his health have intensified since Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple said in December that Jobs would not be making his annual keynote address tomorrow in San Francisco at the Macworld conference. Apple said this year’s conference will be its last, with Phil Schiller, an Apple marketing executive, giving the company’s presentation.

Macworld is run by the company IDG, and Apple has said it no longer wanted to be committed to releasing new products at another company’s trade show — and that it didn’t see reason to have its CEO speak at a conference it wouldn’t be attending in the future.

Adding to the speculation, Jobs, who survived pancreatic cancer, has appeared increasingly gaunt at public appearances.

In his statement Monday, Jobs said, “The remedy for this nutritional problem is relatively simple and straightforward, and I’ve already begun treatment.”

He added, “Just like I didn’t lose this much weight and body mass in a week or a month, my doctors expect it will take me until late this Spring to regain it.”

The company’s board released a statement separately, saying, “Apple is very lucky to have Steve as its leader and CEO, and he deserves our complete and unwavering support during his recuperation. He most certainly has that from Apple and its Board.”

Walmart Publicly Confirms iPhone Sales, $197 Price

via Ars Technica

Rumors had been flying for months that retail juggernaut Walmart would be selling iPhones in its US stores. That rumor had all but been confirmed when leaked memos revealed that sales would begin on December 28. Today, Walmart officially confirmed that Sunday, December 28 was the day that sales of Apple’s iconic smartphone would begin. walmart_iphone_price

Walmart will sell the 8GB iPhone for $197, and 16GB models will sell for $297. All phones will still require a two-year contract with AT&T. “We are delighted to bring customers this ground-breaking mobile technology,” Gary Severson, Walmart’s senior vice president of entertainment, said in a statement. “Our electronics associates have been preparing for many weeks for the arrival of iPhone 3G. We are excited to now help new customers learn more about the features and services that make the iPhone unique.”

Though it had been rumored that Walmart would sell a 4GB iPhone for $99 (though, oddly, not for $97), the company’s announcement makes no mention of that model or any other model at a lower price point. Continue reading

[sneak peek] Google’s Android 3G Phone

With news reports coming out this week that Apple has surpassed Google in market valuation, this phone needs to be a big hit really fast.

The review below does not support this theory and Google will probably make the proper adjustments before its supposed launch in the Fall but do you think people will flock to the Android?

via Alley Insider

Spy pics of Google's new Android Phone to be released in the fall.

Spy pics of Google's Android Phone

So now we know that the first GPhone is indeed coming this fall.

Will it be a hit? It’s hard to tell much from the supposed spy photos we’ve seen floating around on the Web, like the one to the right.

But someone who’s actually seen the gadget — similar, if not identical to the one in the photo — tells us that both the hardware (from handset-maker HTC) and Google’s Android software suffer from a similar problem: They’re technically powerful but not as elegant as Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and OS X.

Specifically, the phone — apparently a hot item to show off in Google’s cafeterias these days — is big and bulky, and not as sleek as the iPhone. And Android, while extremely powerful, has a less-elegant, less-user-friendly interface than the iPhone.

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