[video] Steve Jobs – (Trailer #2)

Looks so much better than the Ashton Kutcher movie that bombed.

Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

Steve Jobs is directed by Academy Award® winner Danny Boyle and written by Academy Award® winner Aaron Sorkin, working from Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the Apple founder. The producers are Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady of Film 360, Scott Rudin and Academy Award® winner Christian Colson.

Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs, the pioneering founder of Apple, with Academy Award®-winning actress Kate Winslet starring as Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple, is played by Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels stars as former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film also
stars Katherine Waterston as Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend, and Michael Stuhlbarg as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original members of the Apple Macintosh
development team.

Video: Bjork releases “Crystalline” and the Biophillia App Grows.

Directed by Michel Gondry,”Crystalline” is the first song released on Biophillia. It is also the first of 10 in-app experiences within Bjork’s 3-D galaxy Biophillia app, which some are calling the “mother app.” The app gradually makes songs available within the as they are released along with interactive art, games, essays, animations karaoke and lyrics. It is the combination of “Nature, Music and Technology,” according to the app’s introduction by one of Britian’s most well-known natural history broadcasters, David Attenborough. Whether you are a fan of Bjork or not, you have to her creative mind and the way she pulls listeners into an experience that reaches beyond the music. Check it out below. Read more at itunes.com

Eminem Planning Violent Game For iPhone

via Allhiphop

Rapper Eminem has revealed a gaming application that could find its way into the iTunes application store.

The rapper announced the game on his Twitter page and posted a link to the game, which is also titled Relapse.

Eminem has had a tense relationship with iTunes.em

The two have battled in court twice, the first time over a commercial that featured Eminem’s track “Lose Yourself,” the second over downloading royalties.

In 2005, Eminem’s Eight Mile Style publishing company agreed to an undisclosed financial settlement over an iPod commercial that featured “Lose Yourself,” without permission.

In March of 2009, FBT Productions, a company affiliated with Eminem, sued Universal Records in an attempt to get higher royalty rates on all digital sales through Apple’s iTunes App Store.

FBT argued that their tracks were “masters,” which were then reproduced as digital copies.

While Eminem was not a party to that lawsuit, FBT, he would have made millions, had FBT one the case, which went in favor of Universal, after a judge ruled that a sold online is no different than a song bought in a store.

It appears that the various legal skirmishes have not impacted Eminem’s relationship with Apple thus far, although the rapper’s proposed game may not help the relationship. Continue reading

iTunes Raises Hit Single Prices To $1.29


via HipHopDX

When iTunes announced in January that it was planning to offer music at variable prices, it was not clear when the change would happen, or if it would happen at all. However, according to The Los Angeles Times, iTunes is moving forward with the plan, boosting prices of hit singles to $1.29.

Although the higher price of select singles will lower the price of other songs (new artist releases dropping to 69 cents, and current releases remaining at 99 cents), a few music label execs are criticizing the 30% increase.

“This will be a PR nightmare,” said former EMI Music executive Ted Cohen. “It is for the music industry what the AIG bonuses are for the insurance industry.”

With CD sales declining drastically, iTunes is hoping that the variable-pricing strategy will help to increase revenue in the music industry. Yet, in a period where online music spending is low and consumers are being hit hard by a recession, some music industry vets are questioning whether the decision to raise prices is a wise one.

“Wouldn’t it make sense to try to price it cheaper instead of squeezing the handful of people who are still willing to pay for music?” said Jim Guerinot, manager to bands such as No Doubt and Nine Inch Nails. Continue reading

Marvel Comics Coming to iTunes Store


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As those who have been following the news from this week’s ComicCon event in New York City are well aware, Marvel announced that it will be selling its new “In-Motion” comic books in Apple’s iTunes Store. The comics differ from old-school physical comics by having animated panels and voice-over work from popular actors, making them well-suited to the iPhone and iPod Touch, with their sharp screens and various multimedia capabilities.

Fret not, diehard classic comic book fans — Marvel will release traditional paper copies of these comics (after the In-Motion versions are released on iTunes). No word yet on cost or availability.

Big-name Marvel aside, there’s plenty of comics to be found online (and on mobile phones) that’s optimized for the digital world. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of our favorite Web comics for your time-wasting, on-the-clock pleasure (after the break). Just remember to Control-Tab when your boss comes a-wandering by. [From: TUAW]

Apple MacBook – TriBook

Whenever this beecomes a reality  I am first on line.


via Onsmash/Gizmoave

As someone who uses multiple screens when I’m working (or playing games) the idea of having a laptop with some extra screen space as portable as the unit itself is really exciting. Sure, that extra space would come in the form of folding, side-mounted monitors that have a break before the main screen — annoying for some — but some extra, segmented workspace on a portable platform is music to my ears.

And portable the triBook is: the conceptual rendering, picked up by Mac|Life, calls for a notebook that’s 10 inches wide and a little over six inches long. Click on through for more information than you’d ever want to know about the triBook concept. Via. GizmoAve.com

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Apple Sells Its 5 Billionth Song, Sets Sights on Movies

Apple logo

Who said music is in a slump? Somebody is copping billions of tunes

via Washington Post

Apple announced today that it has sold a total of about 5 billion songs, up from the 4 billion mark it announced in Jan this year. The more interesting bit is that it is now renting and purchasing over 50,000 movies every day, the company says. Apple has recently done deals with all of the major movie studios after a few years of trying to convince others besides Disney to come onto the service. At this rate, it will have sold or rented about 18.25 million movies on an annualized basis.

Cynthia Brumfield does some basic calculations on the possible annual revenues for Apple: “iTunes movie sales are priced at $9.99 (for library titles) and $14.99 (for new releases). Rentals are priced at $2.99 (library) to $3.99 (new releases), with Apple TV HD versions of film rentals priced at $1 above the standard rental prices. Assuming that the average price of a sale/rental combined is around $6, then Apple is raking in around $110 million in movie revenue alone on an annual basis.” While that isn’t necessarily a huge amount, that is the amount that didn’t exist before. It is also big in the online/digital video world.
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Napster Launches MP3 Store, Battles iTunes for Throne

napster vs iTunes

via NY Times

Napster Inc., the digital music service, on Tuesday opened the world’s biggest MP3 download store with more than 6 million songs in a direct challenge to Apple Inc’s iTunes store.

The new Web-based music store will have digital songs from all major music labels as well as thousands of independent labels. The MP3-format songs will be compatible with the vast majority of digital media devices and mobile phones including Apple’s popular iPod as well as its iPhone.

Before now Napster has focused on selling all-you-can-eat monthly streaming music subscription packages but has struggled to win over the majority of fans who want to be able to transfer songs they like on to a portable device such as the market-leading iPod.

The new Napster service tries to take on Apple’s dominance in digital music by offering fans more songs without copy protection or digital rights management (DRM). Most of the six million songs on the iTunes Music store are available with Fairplay DRM, which prevents the songs from being played on most portable players other than the iPod.
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New Blackberry 9000 Will Sync With iTunes

Berry 9000

via Gizmodo

According to CNET, RIM is planning to ship the newly announced BlackBerry Bold (aka 9000) with some newfangled music capability that the folks at Apple may not be all that pleased with. The program in question has been dubbed “Blackberry Media Sync”—and it will make it possible to transfer music to the phone via iTunes. There has been no official word yet, but my guess is that Steve’s reaction will be to bypass diplomacy and stomp on RIM Godzilla style. [CNET]

Second Life Offers Artists Opportunities To Make $ Online

SecondLife myPod player

Notice to indie artists, there is money out there! Not only is money being left on the table in the real world, but there is also an money-making opportunities that exist online, in the virtual world. Second Life, which is rapidly emerging as virtual economy, has a very unique way that artists can sell their tunes to other virtual residents of the virtual world. By formulating a myPod, a take on the iPod, an artist can sell his or her tune in the MP3 format which the consumer can apply to the real world.

If thats too challenging, they can put their song in SecondTunes, their rendition of the iTunes store which is currently home to about 100 artists. For a flat fee of $15 and 9.1 cents in real dollars you can become a virtual distributor and sell other peoples music as well in addition to your own but you can only push 150 tunes at a time. For a flat fee of $28.65 you can sell 150 copies of each song for whatever price you chose. In the virtual world of Secod Life, Linden dollars rule, and tune go for upwards to L$200 to L$400 a song.

iTunes & Starbucks Partner To Offer “Pick Of The Week”

You Want a iTune With Your Coffee?

In another example of what the next emerging music market will look like, Starbucks is partnering with iTunes to offer its customers free songs & videos via its 7,000 US locations. On a particular day, in this case Tuesday (the day new music is released) the companies will offer the Pick Of The Week, which will be an artist whose music can be accessed via iTunes by using a iTunes downloadable card which will be provided to customers.

“Pick of the Week provides an incredible way for Starbucks customers to discover great new music and videos for free on the iTunes Store,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. “With the world’s largest online catalog of music and video there is truly something for everyone.

Even though no Hip Hop or R&B stars are included on the list as of yet, this is a great model of how mega-companies will cross promote in the future, so lets take note.

Amazon Envisions A Digital Media World On The Horizon

The shifting tides of change continue to leave old forms of media washed up, and the remolding of the new digital media age is starting to take root and sprout all over the place. Of the many companies that are gearing up to lay claim to these unchartered waters, Amazon is poised to position itself at the top of the media hill.

After revolutionizing the world of online retail with its warehousing of books and music, Amazon is preparing to digitize its entire operation. They’ve already introduced the Kindle, an electronic book reader that plays MP3 and its compatible with Audible, an audio book retailer that Amazon acquired for $300 million that plays audio books. They are betting on consumers abandoning hard copy books in favor of e-books.
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