[video] “Give us your cash, Bitch!” Politic ad Sparks Outrage (WTF)

This is straight cooness on every level from the politician and from the idiots who are starring in it.

via Yahoo

Democrats are expressing outrage over a web adlaunched yesterday targeting Democrat Janice Hahn in California’s upcoming 36th District special election. (Warning: the ad contains extremely offensive images and language.)

The web commercial, which claims to be paid for by a new group called “Turn Right USA,” accuses Hahn of giving gang members money so they can “rape and kill again.” The ad features a faceless blonde, white woman (Hahn is blonde and white) grinding on a stripper poll and getting bills stuffed into her shorts, as two black men portraying gangsters sing: “Give me your cash, b*tch, so we can shoot up the street. Give me your cash, b*tch, so we can buy some more heat.”

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