[video] Bill O’ Reilly Really Wants Snooki

Are we surprised? I guess nobody remembers a few years back when Bill O Reilly was sexually harassing one of his producers on the phone and quietly settled out of court. Anyway check out one of his idiot producers asking some foreign policy questions to the least politically aware person in the world Snooki, who I believe voted for John McCain and we all know how that worked out.


Jersey Shore Cast Tells MTV ‘F U Pay Me’, Rejects Contract Offer for Season 2

The cast of Jersey Shore, who have been the new break out stars of this reality show TV season, are demanding big raises after monster rating for their finale broadcast earlier this week.

The show which was been heavily protested by Italian-American groups, has been the guilty pleasure of millions who can’t seem to get enough of the fist-pumping, muscle bound, hot tub shenanigans. Check out below what they have told MTV executives about how much they wanna get paid.

via Associated Content

For Jersey Shore season two, MTV offered a bonus to each of the cast members of $10,000 as well as a payment of $5,000 per episode. That is a lot of money for these cast members, but they rejected it apparently stating that they wanted every cast member (eight main ones) to get the same raise.

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[video] Jersey Shore Fight: Ronnie Gets Into Vicious Fight

Source: Huff Post

Check out the latest fight from my guilty pleasure of this television season Jersey Shore. In this clip self proclaimed ‘guido’ Ronnie, gets into it with a douchebag who was harassing him and Sammi at a bar. She is actually to blame for this fight cause she kept arguing with this guy and the results were a serious fight.

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[pics] Jenni “J-Woww” Farley from MTV’s “Jersey Shore”

Source: Starcasm

From my favorite guilty pleasure reality show ‘Jersey Shore’, is the gangster of the bunch the aptly named ‘J-Woww‘. This girl is not having it and is evidenced by handing out a serious beat down to a girl who called her friends ‘fat” on Ep 5.

Anyway this show is hot like fire and MTV is surely stoking the flames, because this is probably their first hit in a long time excluding the Making the Band series.

Starcasm has more pics and info on the aforementioned Jenni “J-Woww” Farley. More pics here..
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Black People Get Their Own ‘Jersey Shore’ Show : ‘One Big Happy Family’ Debuts December 29th.

I found out about the ‘One Big Happy Family’ reality show on TLC while watching another show called ‘BBQ Pitmasters’ where white people cook massive amounts of pork for hours and enter it into a tasting contest. The teaser for OBHF displays a fat, sloppy, bucket of fried chicken eating stereotypical Black family who are extremely over weight and trying to battle the bulge all the while showing how much they love each other. I have tried to to find the teaser online but to no avail I found none. That is very strange for a show debuting this week it would seem they would have some sort of promotion online.The TLC website has no trailers or teasers just a schedule of it debuting on Dec. 29th.

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