[video] Fetish Model Shrinks Her Waist With Corset Training to 16 inches to Look Like Comic Book Characters

This corset training is heavy on Instagram. After this video look for thousands more to try it out.

MEET Kelly Lee Dekay, 27, who has corset-trained her waist down to a tiny 16 INCHES in a bid to look like her favourite comic book idols. Kelly became obsessed with tight-lace corseting and incredibly shrunk her natural 30 inch waist by 12 inches in just six months. Growing up the fetish model fell in love with the hourglass look reading comic books and watching Haute Couture corsets on fashion runways.


[video] 57 year old Great-Grandmother Spends $16,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit

Source: Asylum

This lady has severe self esteem issues. Where is her family in all of this craziness?

This Morning interview with 57 year old Annette Edwards from Worcester, England. She spent £10,000 (approx $16,000) on cosmetic surgery and image makeovers to look like Jessica Rabbit. She is also joined by Alice the Rabbit, the Guinness World Record holder for being the longest rabbit in the world 🙂

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Jessica aka ‘Miss Rabbit’

What are they drinking down there in Texas? Obviously there is something great, because we see some of the most beautiful women originating from the Lone Star State. Jessica aka Miss Rabbit, got her namesake from admiration for the legendary animated character from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. Getting her first start in the homie Paul Wall’s vid “Break ’em off Real Bad” she has even bigger plans in this industry. We hope to see much more of this beauty who proves that indeed “everything is bigger in Texas”!!