UPDATE: Billy Bob Thornton Booed Onstage, Cancels Canada Tour

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Billy Bob Thornton’s trip north of the border took another turn for the worse Thursday night, and then ended abruptly on Friday (April 10).billy_bob

First he battled with a Canadian radio host who introduced Thornton – much to his dismay – as a movie star while he was promoting his music career. Then, at a concert Thursday night, where Thornton’s band the Boxmasters opened for Willie Nelson, he attempted to explain the bizarre interview but ended up fighting with the audience too. The next day, Nelson’s official Web site said the Boxmasters had dropped off the tour.

“It seems as if when I say something it’s in the news,” Thornton told the crowd at Massey Hall, according to the Toronto Star. The audience immediately began booing, to which Thornton replied, “Boo all you want, but I want to say something – we’re really happy to be here, but I need to say something. I talked to this a–hole yesterday.” Continue reading

[video] WTF? Billy Bob Thornton pulls a Joaquin Phoenix on radio show

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I guess this is the new way to promote your project, get high and drunk and do an interview.

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NEW YORK — Joaquin, you have competition. In a radio appearance reminiscent of David’s Letterman’s recent interview with actor-turned-rapper Joaquin Phoenix, Billy Bob Thornton gave a puzzling and difficult interview Wednesday.

Appearing on CBC radio, the Canadian public broadcaster, Thornton evaded simple questions and criticized the host for mentioning his movie background.

Full re-cap here..

[video] Joaquin Phoenix Attacks Heckler Fan At His Own Concert In Miami While Rappin! (Then Gets Kick’D Out)

Actor turned rapper Joaquin Phoenix jumps off the stage during a performance at a Miami Beach nightclub and confronts an audience member who is heckling him. It is unknown whether the scene is real or fake. You decide.

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It’s always healthy to be able to laugh at yourself, but the climate of Hip Hop is an all-out circus these days.  Between Pimpin’ Curly and Joaquin Phoenix I don’t know which one takes home the honor of the most slapstick actor of ’09.

[video]New Joaquin Phoenix Rap Song Leaked To The Internets (LMAO)

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Zach Selwyn and HuffPost’s own Eli Braden made this hilarious video of “Joaquin Phoenix” rapping about his past movie blunders and personal life when news broke of the actor giving up his on-screen career for a shot at music fame.

Little did they know how big a story this would turn into after Phoenix’s insane Letterman appearance.

In this snippet from the upcoming documentary about the actor-turned-rapper, Phoenix is doing his thing on a track produced by Sean Combs.

[audio/video] Natalie’s Rap (explicit)

OK, I’m the first to admit, I don’t know who set it off but the ongoing trend in Hollywood is after you make it big, try your hand at rapping. I don’t know if Hollywood’s elite is sitting there reading into Will Smith’s success and thinking they have to duplicate it step by step but first we had Joaquin Phoenix, now Natalie Portman (Princess Leia from Star Wars) is making her rapping debut. I think this started out as a SNL spoof, but there is a full unedited version of her “rap” floating around. Here goes…

Unedited version

Affleck to Shoot Joaquin Phoenix Turn as “Rap Star”


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UK, January 16, 2009 – File this one under ‘weird’ (if indeed you have such a file) – Casey Affleck is set to follow Joaquin Phoenix around with a camera, chronicling his efforts to make it as a rap star.

Phoenix famously announced his intention to trade acting for music last spring, and while many thought it was a joke, it now appears he was deadly serious, with Phoenix working on an album under the guidance of rap legend Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs.

Long-time friend Casey Affleck will make a documentary about his efforts, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, principal photography will commence when Phoenix makes his rapping debut in a Las Vegas club tonight.