[video] A World Exclusive: Oprah talks to Michael Jackson’s Mother, Katherine And Visits With His Children(Preview)

Releasing sorta of a new song from Michael Jackson a couple of days ago, Katherine Jackson and his kids sit down for a world exclusive with Oprah to discuss everything since the death of the pop icon.

On Monday, November 8th — Don’t miss an Oprah Show Exclsusive with Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine, and his children. Tune in to hear what they have to say about their father.

Michael Jackson Estate Rakin’ In The Dough

The numbers made in the last year off of the ‘King of Pop’ are just staggering to say the least. Read the detailed report below:

via Huff Post

A kingdom that was on the verge of collapse from more than $500 million in debt now looks to be able to support his three children and his mother and donate healthily to children’s charities.

The estate has earned more than $250 million in the year since he died. Executors used some of that to pay off $70 million in debt, including the $5 million mortgage on the Jackson family compound in Encino, part of Los Angeles. The interest payments on the remaining debt are now covered by a steady flow of cash.

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Jackson Family Weirdness: Jermaine and Randy Jackson have 2 children by the same woman(Update #2)

Update #2
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the third episode to The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty:
In Santa Barbara at their secluded location, hoping to focus on nothing but their upcoming concert, Jermaine continues to confront his brothers about their lack of support for his delayed Michael Tribute concert.

Update #1

Here is the second episode to The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty. This episode is called The Jacksons Abroad. I actually like this show and I think it dispels a lot of the negative talk that the media has associated with the Jackson brothers for decades. They are a real family and I believe this is the first glimpse that we have seen them humanized in a very long time (Jermaine is a different story).
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Picture 19

Now I am not into digging up or exploiting anybody else’s family but this just seemed to weird not to post. Last night I was watching the Jackson movie on Vh1. I decided to google Jermaine Jackson when the movie showed him getting ready to marry Berry Gordy’s daughter. I was reading Wikipedia and discovered that him and his brother Randy have 2 children each by the same woman.

So in essence their children are brothers and sisters and also cousins. Picture 20I was amazed at this and still tried to understand and wonder how this would work in any normal family. I just found it plain weird and thought that I would not be in the minority. This makes Michael’s dealings with Debbie Rowe and the sperm donor seem like a drop in the bucket. Anyway here is a pic of the happy family:

Picture 17

Left to right - Genevieve with brother Randy, half brothers/cousins - Jermajesty and Jaafar, mother, and adopted brother. (Randy and Jermaine have two children from this same woman)

Pic: Scoopedlikeicecream.com

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Thriller Figure

In light of the video of Michael Jackson being burned during the Pepsi commercial here is something much more enjoyable. Hypebeast threw us this great artwork for a dope MJ doll  sure to be a collectors item one day.

Picture 24

via Hypebeast

Paying tribute to the King of Pop, premier vinyl specialists Hot Toys work up a new set of Michael Jackson figures, showcasing the masterful work exhibited on his famous Thriller music video. The figures will come in a 1/6 scale, featuring all the intricate details one would come to expect from a Hot Toys release. A launch is set for December 2009 with a suggest retail price tag of ¥24,000 (Approx. $255 USD).

Jackson Assets Worth $1Billion Dollars

Whoa.Reading this story is just amazing. Michael Jackson was an industry onto himself and we will never see anything like this in a hundred lifetimes. This article is about any potential will that Michael left but none have been proven legit so the legal wrangling is just beginning.

Picture 4

via WSJ

Unwinding Mr. Jackson’s estate is likely to be a thorny challenge, given the size and complexity of both the assets and the debts involved. In all, Mr. Jackson died with around $500 million debt, but the value of his assets probably outweigh that, possibly by $200 million or more, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Jackson’s most valuable asset is believed to be his 50% stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a joint venture with Sony Corp. That stake is collateral for a $300 million loan held by Barclays PLC. And Mr. Jackson’s level of control over the venture was reduced in a 2006 refinancing. For instance, he no longer has veto power over key executive appointments, according to people familiar with the situation. Sony also has the right to buy half of Mr. Jackson’s 50% stake when it chooses.

Mr. Jackson’s other assets include Mijac, a publishing catalog that comprises his own musical composition that is collateral for a separate $73 million loan. And control of the master recordings of his albums, currently in the hands of Sony, is set to revert to him in five years, according to people familiar with the matter.

But Mr. Jackson last year defaulted on a $24.5 million loan backed by another major component of his portfolio, Neverland Valley Ranch. He then became a partner in a venture — Sycamore Valley Ranch Co., LLC — that now owns the property. It is not clear what will become of the property once the will is executed.

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