John Legend Commencement Speech: Praises “Politics Of Empathy,” Condemns Falsehoods That Led To War, Financial Crisis

Source: Huffington Post

First Barack,Michelle, and now John Legend. Commencement speeches are way cool as of right now. I have an excerpt below from Huff Post:

When you look at the list of crises we face, there is a common thread that ties many of them together.

The people who created these crises or allowed them to happen either didn’t look hard enough for the truth, or didn’t listen to those voices that could tell them where the truth lived.

We lost thousands of lives and spent billions (possibly trillions) of dollars fighting in and rebuilding Iraq, all based on the false premise that there were weapons of mass destruction or that Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with Al Qaeda and caused 9/11.

All falsehoods that were allowed to poison the debate while dissension and fact-checking came too little, too late.

We’ve spent trillions of dollars bailing out banks with phantom profits that were selling financial products whose values had no grounding in reality.

The fact that some of them didn’t even understand their own product didn’t stop them from getting millions of people to buy into it.

Meanwhile the regulators and the press failed to ask the right questions and bear witness to the house of cards until it had already collapsed.

From the war in Iraq to credit-default swaps to the internet bubble to the real estate bubble, too often we got caught up in the hype and failed to see the real truth…

Too often we become apathetic. We see the lies, we see the obfuscation, the deception. But we fail to point it out.

We’re afraid to rain on the parade. Afraid to rock the boat. Afraid to pursue the truth.

[video] MAGNIFICENT-Rick Ross feat John Legend

Damn Boss, why did you have to go and f*ck with Fif? I can’t find myself getting into Ross’ music the way I use to, and I really like this joint here. I just can’t get the “Officer Ricckkkkyyy” chorus out my head. But marketing wise it was slick to tie something into the Kentucky Derby, since that’s like the new Hamptons.

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[video] John Legend Performance at the DNC

Talk about reppin’ ya Home State! The DNC at Denver has a heavy Chi-Town factor to it, with Obama, the Illinois Senator requesting Chicago native Jennifer Hudson to personally deliver the National Anthem on Thursday, the day he delivers his historic acceptance speech.  In addition Kanye will be performing and the below clip features a performance by John Legend, another Chi Town prodigy.  Good Music is thick up in the building.

Mayweather Kicks Big Shows Ass (Pics)

Source: WWE



Wrestlemania proved this Sunday “to be the greatest show on earth”. With a jam packed four hour program that featured the likes of Snoop Dogg, John Legend, Raven Symone and many others the WWE broke attendance records and pay-per -view viewers.

With all the bells and whistles Vince could of possibly imagined, the main event was Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show.

ORLANDO, Fla. – At WrestleMania XXIV, Floyd Mayweather put his “money” where his mouth was, running his professional record to 40-0 with a shocking knockout of the 7-foot, 441-pound Big Show.

While he may not have come through on his promise to break the mammoth’s jaw, he did, in fact, shock the Citrus Bowl-record crowd of 74,635 WWE fans and millions more watching around the world on pay-per-view by felling Big Show like a giant redwood. The victory, however, didn’t come without a bit of chicanery

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