5 People Arrested for Drugs and Guns at French Montana, Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule Video Shoot in BROOKLYN

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This happened. Real guns brought real charges.

via Daily News

Five people were arrested during the filming of a video featuring rap stars French Montana, Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule in Brooklyn, officials said Saturday.

Three men and two women — including the set security guard — were facing weapons and drug charges after plainclothes cops infiltrated the shoot behind a Fulton St. Bravo Supermarket in East New York at about 6:15 p.m. and spotted the illegal hardware,
officials said.
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Cocaine, marijuana and molly were also discovered, officials said.

Those arrested included 35-year-old security guard Frank Bartlett, who had a defaced firearm in his waistband, 32-year-old Ronald James, who was seen passing a Derringer pistol to his girlfriend, Ebonee Eastmond, 27 — who was also arrested — and Edward Elkins, who had a semiautomatic pistol in a shopping bag between his feet, cops said.

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[video] Cam’ron Drops DIPSET USA Clothing Exclusively On Karmaloop.com

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Dipset fans rejoice. With a bunch of new projects dropping and officially reuniting with his Dipset brethen, Cam’ron seeks to get back to being on top. With recent runway appearances rocking designer capes with his sexy wifey Juju and hints of dropping a sneaker on instagram, Cam is fast making moves back in the fashion space which he along with Jim jones, and Juelz Santana firmly put their stamp on a decade ago. With mentor Dame Dash back in the fold full time, they have joined with Karmaloop to drop Dipset USA clothing. Feels like 2002 all over again? I say until he pulls out the pink fur and Range Rover the story is not complete. Dipset, DipSet, Dipset!!

TMZ: Juelz Santana Allegedly Threatens to Kill Wife, Arrested

Obviously not a good year for rappers and their wives.

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via TMZ

According to police, Juelz Santana, the rapper who’s collaborated with Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and Cam’ron, was arrested at his home in New Jersey — after his wife told cops he threatened to kill her!

Cops tell us they showed up at Santana’s Teaneck home around 10:30 this morning after his wife called 911.

According to law enforcement sources, Santana’s wife did not need medical assistance — but she told police the threat was made in front of a child.

The rapper was arrested on domestic charges and is still in police custody.

UPDATE: A rep for Santana tells TMZ the rapper is not married, the child present was not his son and his bail was set at $300.

Then there’s this: The rep adds, “He has problems with the people in his complex, they hate on him because he is a rapper with big cars.”

Story developing

[video] Cam Shoots Down Reunion, Juelz Confirms

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alright, here is the (edited) video to the audio that many are describing as the proverbial ‘nail-in-the-coffin’ for the Harlem Diplomat Reunion. Cam, emphatically states that dreams of a reunion have been permanently shattered by Jim’s continuous bloopers, the latest being him denying that Killa had a phone conversation with him. Honestly, we all know Cam can stand on his own and build up any movement around himself but what will Jimmy and Juelz do? As fate would have it, their solo careers are some what stagnant and any attempts to recreate the flame that was once Dip Set has fallen on deaf ears, to say the least.  The MTV clip below is Juelz response, which still sounds a tad bit salty: Continue reading

Jim Jones Explains His “Swagger Like Us” Response

via Complex

Everyone seems to have an opinion on “Swagger Like Us,” T.I.’s recent all-star collabo with Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Folks like Jermaine Dupri and Diddy have even recorded their own verses over the song in an attempt to assert their own “swag” status.

Now Jim Jones is taking it one step further. Last week, we were building with the Capo in his studio for some future shit (stay tuned) when he spilled the beans about his own response to the song, a rumor that Miss Info reported on yesterday. He’s currently recording a new joint named “Jackin’ Swagger From Us,” featuring additional verses from Juelz and Lil Wayne, along with a re-recorded hook from M.I.A. and a new beat by Chink Santana. Read on to preview an exclusive snippet of the track and see what Jones had to say about the four artists on the first “Swagger”…
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Juelz in Court for Weed and Hollow Point Bullets


 Man it seems rappers are in danger. It is being reported by Allhiphop and the Daily News that Juelz Santana was nabbed near his home in Teaneck,NJ by police and a subsequent search of his Bentley revealed hollow point bullets and marijuana. Details are still sketchy, but the officer claimed to see his car and smelled the pungent smell of marijuana thus giving him probable cause to stop the vehicle.

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 This seems fishy because it is reported that Juelz was near the entrance of his home when he was stopped, giving credence to the fact that officers were probably spying on him way before he was arrested. More at Allhiphop