(Update# 3) Boston Cop Calls Harvard Prof. Gates A “Banana Eating Jungle Monkey” In Email

Here is the video of Sgt. Crowley, Prof. Gates, President Obama and Joe Biden in what the media is calling a ‘beer summit’.

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Update: Here is the initial email that was sent to the Boston Globe and to members of the National Guard from Officer Barrett and he has since aplogized and as soon as I find the video I will post it also.

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Okay where are the people who keep saying that this is such an exemplary police force and that it has nothing to do with race? The fact that the media has not pounced on the revelations that the officer lied in his report [about two black men seen breaking into a home] from the account the woman who called 911, is the most under reported aspect of this story.

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The fallout from the Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest continues: the Boston Police Department has suspended an officer named Justin Barrett for using a racial slur in reference to the Harvard professor in an email, the AP reports:

After learning of the slur, Commissioner Edward Davis put 36-year-old Justin Barrett on administrative leave pending a termination hearing.
A person with knowledge of the case, speaking on condition of anonymity because the person is not authorized to speak publicly about it, said Barrett, a member of the National Guard, used the racial slur in messages to guardsmen and to The Boston Globe.

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