Saigon Gets Out of Atlantic Contract, Starts Releasing Music

Sai Geezy>

Saigon managed to kill tow birds with one stone today. Not only did the homie manage to free himself from his label but he also threw some new music out. First read his statement below from Just Blaze then zone out to “Believe It.”

We have been quietly working to get released from Atlantic. Sometimes you need to do things without talking about them. And get what you want. We finally got that…
With 100% ownership of the masters.

(Most folks who claim they own their masters when they get released may have them (or copies of them) in their possesion, but they don’t own them, so they can mixtape stuff all day, but can’t go on and ever offically release them… we are free to take them wherever we like, however we like )
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Just Blaze Gets Blessed With Exclusive Tee From LRG

Fashion mavericks LRG have been commissioned to create a special edition shirt for Just Blaze’s Megatron Don alter ego. The only way you can get your hands on this sure-to-be collector’s item you have to go to Just’s blog at and convince the boardsmith why he should bless you over the next man with this limited edition tee. If you’re lucky enough to buck up on one of these and the super exclusive CRS collabo tee you will undoubtedly be that dude in the hipster circles! Act now.

Smirnoff Mixing It Up With Hip Hop

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With the current rap recession and the record label budget drought, I have a theory that corporate america that will end up being the “white knight” (ah, the irony) for many artists and ambitious projects from here on out….

Remember, in the 90’s, St. Ides was demonized for hawking that liquid-crack via Ice Cube, Geto Boys, Biggie etc? But now we appreciate that the tracks were actually good, and that the Crooked-I was funding artists who weren’t getting Covergirl and K-Swiss ads back then. Last year, Nike paid the big bucks that no one else would to get Just Blaze and Juelz Santana together again, to get Nas/Kanye/Rakim/KRS/and Premier together, and to throw a party with all of the above for their Air Force One anniversary.  So this month, Smirnoff and Cornerstone Promotions (props to Chris Atlas and Rob Stone) are making art and commerce work together for our benefit. To promote the new Smirnoff Signature Mix drinks, they’ve commissioned Common and Just Blaze to remake “The Light,” Q-tip and Cool n Dre to remake Tribe’s “Midnight,” and KRS-One and DJ Premier to remake “Criminal Minded.”  All of the artists will be perform their classics live at the Smirnoff/Cornerstone launch party on Feb, 26th. And then the actual remakes will be available as a free download on

PS: the homie Rik Cordero and Three21Media will also be involved in this project with some goodies to soon come : )