[video] Sarah Palin wants Katie Couric to see if she has “learned anything about Alaska”

Source: HuffPost

This bitch fit is not ending anytime soon. Your turn Katie?

Asked if she would ever grant an interview to the anchor again, the “Going Rogue” author said she would rather Couric be in the hot seat. “I want to know if she understands yet what we have to contribute up there in the state of Alaska,” Palin told Fox News.


[pics] Katie Couric ‘Drops It Like Its Hot’ at 2006 Party (BLAME IT ON ‘THE GOOSE’)

SOURCE: BuzzFeed via Gawker

“Ms. Katie I did not know you dropped like it was hot! (Lil Wayne Voice).”

Well well well. The woman who spoke with Lil “I’m A Gangster” Wayne a few months back actually has some pics of her own where she seems to ‘get loose with the goose’  and does some sexy moves for all to see. More pics after the jump!

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McCain To Appear on Letterman, (Let the Ass Kissing Begin)

Now for a minute there I though David Letterman was really riding on John McCain for not appearing on his program and then blaming his absence on rushing to Washington to fix the ailing economy.

Well some serious ass kissing has taken place behind the scenes and McCain has relented and will supposedly appear on Letterman this Thursday.

via Breitbart

It will be McCain’s 13th visit to the CBS program but his first since he angered Letterman by canceling last month.

Letterman was unhappy when McCain sat for an interview with Katie Couric instead of him on Sept. 24.

At the time he said he first felt like a “patriot” to let McCain off his commitment to deal with the economy but “now I’m feeling like an ugly date.”

A McCain spokeswoman said at the time that because of the economic crisis, the campaign “felt this wasn’t a night for comedy.”

Couric to Make “Major Announcement” on Today

Source: Mediabistro.com

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Okay it seems as if Katie Couric is ready to leave her post at CBS nightly news and kick Meredith Vieira back to The View. She is set to make an make a major announcement in her old stomping grounds of the Today show.

Not really sure what she is gonna announce but people in the media world are watching this very close, because the experiment of her being the first woman to anchor an evening news broadcast has failed miserably.I think she is outta there and looking for a new job!!

Check the thinly veiled swipe Matt Lauer takes a Meredith Vieira for calling in sick too many times and her uneasy reaction to Katie coming back. (I will get back to some more Hip Hop in the next post.)