LeBron James Reveals Ambitious Plan to Build Hollywood Empire: “Winning Is the First Thing That Matters”


Basketball God Lebron “King’ James discusses his plans for Hollywood domination off the court and whether or not he has the golden touch when it comes to pushing his brand to new heights once his playing career is over.

This story first appeared in the Feb. 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

  • With $42 million a year in endorsements alone and 18.7 million Twitter followers, the NBA star — and most powerful brand in sports — opens up for the first time about his plan to convert his heat into a Hollywood empire: “I’m going to take full advantage of it while I can.”

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[pics] Check out ‘King James’ New Miami Crib

King James has officially set up shop in South Beach and here is his new pad. By the way it seems that The Heat have worked out their kinks and have won six games in a row. More pics after the jump:
via CBS Sports

The 12,178-square-foot estate, at 3590 Crystal View Ct., has six bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms and boasts water views from every room. There’s a wine cellar, library, home theater, three-car garage and guest house. Outside, there’s an infinity pool and bar and a dock that can fit two 60-foot yachts.

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[video] Lebron speaks on Miami Heats first Preseason win

You Lebron haters can say what you want. This is going to an incredible season and I can’t wait till it starts and see the Heat crush the competition all the way to the Finals. Here Lebron speaks on the Heat pre-season win and how it felt to be back in a real game. Also Chris Broussard speaks on his idea that the Heat will be Lebron’s team at the end of the day.

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Picture 9


King James is coming to the valley of the sun, but Mayor Bloomberg is staying home.

Sources confirmed to The Post that LeBron James, basketball’s reigning giant, will attend Allen & Co.’s annual media mogulfest in Sun Valley, Idaho, which officially kicks off with this evening’s opening-night barbecue.

The first-time invitee isn’t coming just for the hiking, however — he’s going “to listen and to learn” about ways to expand his marketing company, LRMR Marketing, sources said.

James’ popularity rivals that of Tiger Woods in golf or Peyton Manning in football, but his off-court endorsement deals haven’t quite risen to Woods’ or Manning’s level. As such, James and company CEO Maverick Carter are hoping to gather intelligence on how to change that from the assembled group of media star makers attending the conference.

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[video] Lebron James Hits The Game Winning 3 Pointer – Cavs Gain 2 Game Lead

What an action-packed day the 22nd was. First we woke up to the “punch” felt around the world, the clocking of Charles Hamilton that has given a proverbial black eye to the weirdo/hipster movement that has already been losing steam of lately and now this. The bonafide shot heard/felt/seen around the world via the phenom KING JAMES. One word: AMAZING

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World’s Oldest Biblical Text to Go Online

OK, all my conspiracy theorists, now is the time to break out the Strong’s Concordance and do some serious decoding. What will the churches do once it’s revealed King James is a complete alteration from the original? They’re just throwing everything out there for the people these days!

via NY Times

BERLIN (Reuters) — More than 1,600 years after it was written in Greek, one of the oldest copies of the Bible will become accessible online for the first time this week.

Sections of the Codex Sinaiticus, which contains the oldest complete version of the New Testament, will be available on the Internet beginning Thursday, according to the University of Leipzig, one of the four curators of the ancient text. Continue reading