Saigon & Joe Budden prep new albums

The homie Paul just shot over these promo spots for the new albums from Saigon and Joe Budden (who ironically were beefing with each a couple months back). Good to see the focus is back on the music plus these guys are actually great storytellers and deserve some support from the Hip Hop community. If you want to see Saigon get on MTV go vote here. Check out another promo for ESG after the break.

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ATL Rapper “Baby D” Bagged on Fed Drug Charges

ATL rapper Baby D arrested on Federal Drug charges.

No more than an hour after I posted the TI story and blasted Bol, another rapper makes me look like a f*cking nutcase.

Allhiphop is reporting that ATL rapper Baby D just got arrested on federal drug charges. I read reports not too long ago that he was poised to release an album on some label in the near future (read the AHH article for info).

My up TI’s lawyers cause they definetly worked a miracle for him!!
Full AHH Breakdown:
Georgia rapper Baby D is facing federal charges for allegedly trafficking cocaine, following a recent arrest in Dayton, Ohio.

Baby D, born Donald B. Jenkins, vehemently disputes the allegations against him.

He is currently being held without bond in the Butler County jail in Ohio, a facility known for housing people held on federal charges.

In addition to the federal charges, Baby D has three pending assault charges in Tennessee, where he has a bond set.

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Indie Icon Tony Draper Brings Suave House To KOCH Records

Tony Draper\'s Suave House
[Source: ProHipHop]

Southern Hip Hop indie icon Tony Draper has inked a new deal with KOCH Records which will become the new distribution home for projects from 8Ball & MJG and Philly spitter Gille Da Kid. As one of the progenitors of the Southern indie scene, Draper is not new to the independent model.

After the laying the foundation for how an indie should operate he’s been pivotal in pushing other indie projects such as Ice Cube’s offering “Laugh Now, Cry Later” for which he retained his masters. He was also the architect of Clipse’s 50/50 joint-venture with Columbia Records, again securing ownership of their masters. He will be reunited with KOCH General Manager Alan Grunblatt who he helped make $25 million when they were over at Relativity Records. Draper had this to say:

“The saying ‘I’m going independent’ is all you hear now!” opines Tony Draper. “But I’ve been independent since day one! I assembled the one-stop distributors like MS, Big State, CRD, City HALL, Maverne, and Southwest Wholesales. Then I made Select-O-Hits the point guard to collect from those companies. All told, I sold 700,000 records before I ever got with a major label.”

The first release will be 8Ball & MJG’s “Greatest Hits” dropping on May 13.