KRS-One speaks on Jay-Z stealing “Death of Autotune” & “Blueprint”

Culture VI Media, Inc. asks the questions that true hardcore Hip Hop fans have been wondering for years .Kudos to these guys for having the cajones to ask the tough questions!

KRS-One & Buckshot (tho mostly KRS in this clip) talk about their song Robot, which debuted months ahead of Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.”. Both records were essentially saying the same thing. He talks about the respect that Jay-Z showed in re-using the theme, and also about naming his “Blueprint” series years after KRS released his own album titled “Blueprint”.

Also talks on a possible collab on the song and his overall feelings on Jay-Z.

KRS-One Speaks on ‘The Obama Deception’ (Movie Included)

The Teacher breaks down his involvement with the controversial movie The Obama Deception produced by Alex Jones.

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krs-1 copy

via HipHopWired

The Blastmaster KRS-One has been educating Hip-Hop and the masses for over 20 years. As he gears to release his latest project Survival Skills on September 15 with Duck Down front-man Buckshot, KRS spoke to Hip-Hop Wired exclusively about the controversial documentary The Obama Deception. In the film, KRS speaks on secret societies running the United States and the world as well as his views on the nation’s first African-American President. Receiving some flack for his outspoken views, KRS-One addresses the film and his real feelings about President Obama and it’s not exactly what you think. His philosophy never is but edutaining nonetheless.

“If they controlled it before, what makes you think they’re not controlling it now? The country was on the verge of revolution. They threw a Black man up, now we like this (complacent). They put a Black face on the New World Order and now we all happy. KRS ain’t buying it.” …KRS-One (The Obama Deception).

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Rock the Bells 2009 Lineup Announced!

via HipHopDXr

For those Hip Hop fans that have been waiting in anticipation for this years Rock the Bells festival, Guerilla Union has finally announced the lineup!

Headlined by Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” MarleyThe RootsCommon, Big BoiKRS-OneReflectional Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek), SlaughterhouseM.O.P.Sage Francis and many more will be rocking stages across the U.S. & Canada.

Although the dates and venues have yet to be announced; you can expect the tour to come through Chicago, Washington, Boston, New York, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami; as well as Toronto & Vancouver.

[video] KRS-One vs. Barack Obama

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Kudos to the Blast Master. Every system needs Checks & Balances. Like I said before lets see how quick they are to distance themselves from the “Teacher” and label him crazy but nobody will dare step up to debate the facts upon which he is professing. This should be interesting. We use to always say KRS-ONE is the last dude you want on the opposing team.
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[video] KRS-ONE on Alex Jones Discussing Obama Conspiracies

Here it is!  KRS-ONE & Alex Jones trade Obama conspiracy theories and the Obamanites “mindless loyalty” to the Free World’s new leader. Alot of points are made, especially some that will upset those who drunk the Kool-Aid and ate the “O” cereal.  I can envision this argument going on for the next four years…they are technically pulling his skirt.  What I wonder is how long will the pundits continue to dodge having this debate?   Remember, YOU MUST LEARNNNN

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KRS-One Launches “I AM HIP HOP” Publishing

KRS-One w/Street Knowledge Fam

via Hip Hop DX

It was announced this morning that KRS-One [click to read] has launched an exclusive publishing imprint under powerHouse Books, called I Am Hip Hop. The imprint will be overseen by the Hip Hop icon, and intends to publish works in a variety of sub-genres, including philosophy, photography and novels. All the releases will be hand-picked by KRS-One.

“The I Am Hip Hop imprint will serve as a home for real and true expressions of Hip Hop. I commend powerHouse for being brave enough to stand up for real culture,” said KRS. Craig Cohen, President and Executive Publisher of powerHouse added, “Working with KRS-One offers a rare opportunity and privilege to play a part in history in the making. This founding father of Hip Hop was behind the legendary Boogie Down Productions and is arguably more creative in 2008 than ever before.”

[video] Sprint ‘Instinct’

Sprint \'Instinct\'

The other night at KRS-One‘s “Stop the Violence” recording session he went into his theory about the “revolution” being neutralized by technology like GPS. He said every time he gets in his Benz and the automated voice kicks in he knows the fight has been lost. Slavery is comforting. Freedom is without comfort. With that in mind we present to you the Sprint ‘Instinct’ that utilizes that same GPS technology to locate on-site whatever your momentary desirables are. Want pizza? Just talk in to the phone. Who doesn’t love the comforts of technology even if you’re compromising you’re own sense of ‘privacy.’

KRS & Premier To Headline BK Festival In July

You Must Leeaaarrnnnnn

Legendary emcee KRS-One and iconic producer DJ Premier will take the stage at the 2008 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this July.

KRS and Premo aren’t the only notables who will be performing. BK’s own Buckshot will join the two headliners on stage at the annual three-day event.
“I have always maintained that KRS-One is the greatest MC of all time,” said the Fetival’s executive director Wes Jackson, in a statement. “Content, lyricism, cultural impact, longevity. There is no one better.”
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Q-Tip Midnight 08′

From RealtalkNY


The third and final song from the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series is downloadable for FREE at

The Smirnoff Signature Mix Series is a campaign pairing three acclaimed rappers with some serious beatmakers to create new versions of iconic hip-hop songs. Internationally renowned artists Common, Q-Tip, and KRS One joined musical forces with Just Blaze, Cool & Dre, and DJ Premier to re-imagine Common’s “The Light,” A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight,” and Boogie Down Productions’ seminal “Criminal Minded.”

Two tracks are already available to download. If you haven’t yet, download KRS One and DJ Premier’s “Criminal Minded ‘08 (Smirnoff Signature Mix)” and Common and Just Blaze’s “The Light ‘08 (It’s Love) (Smirnoff Signature Mix)” featuring vocals by Marsha Ambrosius and Bilal. Today marks the debut of Q-Tip and Cool & Dre’s “Midnight ‘08.” Be sure to keep checking the site for exclusive videos and content.