[video] Snoop Dogg Asks Fans To Boycott Roots! “They Just Want to Keep Showing the Abuse That We Took”

Snoop Dogg gives his thoughts on the remake of Roots which debuted tonight on the History channel starring Laurence Fishburne · Mekhi Phifer · Forest Whitaker · Produced By LeVar Burton.

via USA Today

Earlier, Roots co-executive producer LeVar Burton, who played the central character in the 1977 miniseries, enslaved protagonist Kunta Kinte, told USA TODAY that the remake was needed as part of a national discussion.

“We are clearly engaged in the conversation in America and it’s one where everybody needs to be involved,” Burton says. “If you are living in America right now, then the story of slavery is relevant to you, because it’s shaped the country and the culture in which you live, whether you want to admit that or not.”

[video] Montana Fishburne Dynasty Series Photoshoot

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the infamous Montana Fishburne (daughter of world famous actor Laurence Fishburne) who made headlines years back for her dabbling in porn. Here is some footage of a new photoshoot she has done with Dynasty Series.

This is our very first DynastySeries exclusive of Montana Fishburne, and we’re going to make sure it’s not the last. Enjoy the stunning new pics and video of Montana courtesy of Mics and Models’ Azim lateef and photographer LeDarius Wiggins.

Montana Fisburne finally checks into a mental facility?

Well it seems like my predictions and the rest of the world’s were right this girl finally has gotten the help that she so desperately needs.

All I have got to say is that I hope Brian Pumper understands that he helped give this girl a mental breakdown and that he needs to eight-six that porn tape he filmed with her because she has gone through enough. That goes dido for Vivid who are scumbags who were lusting after profits by using this obviously naive girl who has serious mental issues and was probably seeking help in the most twisted way. Good luck Montana.

via TMZ
We’re told the facility is in Southern California and Montana will be there at least 30 days. Sources say part of Montana’s stay will be devoted to anger issues, but she’ll also undergo diagnostic tests to determine if there are underlying behavioral or mental issues.

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[pics] Montana Fishburne’s Never-Before-Seen Full Nude Playboy Shoot (NSFW)

Playboy>Vivid> Brian Pumper. Now Montana this is definitely alot more tasteful and probably would not have freaked out your famous father and caused his embarrassment around the world. If I am not mistaken I thought you said Playboy rejected you? I guess that the controversy has surfaced they decided to switch gears to cash in and post up your test shoot. SOURCE:

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Montana Fisburne Sues Brian Pumper Over Sex Tape

This story just keep going and going. Now I am a bit confused Montana. You film a hardcore scene with notorious pornstar with Brian Pumper and now you say you did not want it released. This is the most backward thinking in the world. Practice? You have got to be kidding. Laurence get your daughter she is on a crash course for an early mental breakdown if she has not had one already. She really needs to sue him for this wack ass rap song video she appeared in below called “Oh & It’s Shaved”. The saga continues. More below from TMZ..


TMZ has obtained several letters that Fishburne’s legal team fired off to a porn star named Brian Pumper — demanding that his production company immediately stop all sales of “Phattys Rhymes & Dimes 14” … which features a scene between Montana and Brian.

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[pics] First Images of Montana Fishburne’s Porn movie:TMZ

Montana Fishburne obviously could give two shits what we think about her destroying the legacy of her world famous father Laurence Fishburne.

He has to be cringing at these images of his daughter who has recently  launched a porn career with announcement on CarltonJordan.com. Vivid definitely are gonna make some nice money off of this tape and Laurence Fishburne will never do an interview again. Hit the jump to see some more screen grabs and official photos from Vivid.

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CSI snags Fishburne, first scenes debut in 09′

Well the rumors prove to be true and Laurence Fishburne has been given the lead in mega-hit televison series CSI. Can’t wait. Anything Mr. Fishburne is involved we co-sign over here at SKM.

Laurence Fishburne is joining the cast of CSI in 09'

Laurence Fishburne is joining the cast of CSI in 09

“I felt a little stupid and embarrassed that I hadn’t watched the show prior to having a meeting with them,” Fishburne, 47, acknowledged in a conference call with reporters for the announcement that he is joining the show’s cast.

“But I’m happy to say that the episodes that they sent me to look at were really, really engaging and really wonderful, and kind of dark and moody, like a lot of the work that I’ve actually been involved in,” he added. “So I’m very excited.”

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Fishburne Set To Star in ‘The Alchemist’

Actor Laurence Fishburne (\"The Matrix\"), already attached to the project, will direct and star as the title character, who guides the shepherd along his way. Shooting will start about a year from now.

Laurence Fishburne never ceases to amaze me with his choices in movie roles. He once again is set to make cinematic history with the Harvey Weinstein-produced book adaptation of ‘The Alchemist’. AP has the scoop:

Associated Press Writer

CANNES, France (AP) – For 15 years, Hollywood has tried and failed to transform the best- selling novel “The Alchemist” into silver screen material. Now Harvey Weinstein says he has the magic formula.

Weinstein said Sunday that he will produce Paulo Coelho’s inspirational fable about a Spanish shepherd on a quixotic quest. Actor Laurence Fishburne (“The Matrix”), already attached to the project, will direct and star as the title character, who guides the shepherd along his way. Shooting will start about a year from now.

Speaking by video message, Fishburne said the deal to adapt the Brazilian writer’s novel was “a dream come true” for him. The book tells the story of Santiago, a Spanish shepherd who dreams of finding a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. He embarks on his quest, falls in love and learns life lessons along the way.

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