After Threesome Witness Testifies, Prosecution Rests Case, R. Kelly on Defense…..

Sources: Chicago Tribune, AP

Lisa Van Allen, 27, arrives Monday at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building with her fiance Yul Brown. (Tribune photo by Michael Tercha / June 2, 2008)
Lisa Van Allen braiding R. Kelly\'s hair in his \'I Wish\' video

The prosecution has rested its case against R.Kelly with enough fireworks for this upcoming July 4th holiday.I believe even though they have put up some very damning evidence against Kelly this case is still a toss up. Here is the breakdown:

Prosecutors rested their case in R. Kelly’s child pornography trial after a day of sensational testimony about alleged trysts, extortion plots and a duffel bag full of sex tapes.

Star prosecution witness Lisa Van Allen cried on the witness stand, pausing to regain her composure, as she described several alleged three-way sexual encounters with the R&B star and the alleged victim, some of which she claimed Kelly videotaped.

Van Allen, 27, also told jurors in more than three hours of testimony Monday that Kelly offered her $250,000 last year to recover a tape of one of the trysts.

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