Master P’s Wife Wants $67 Million in Divorce

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Cheaper to keep her? The videos with his kids speaking on their mothers supposed drug and alcohol problems (though they seemed honest and sincere) probably were not a good idea even if they were a response to statements she made about him kidnapping the kids. Kids being forced to choose between parents is never a good thing especially being played out in social media.

via TMZ

Master P’s estranged wife wants a $67 million parting gift from her marriage — claiming she deserves a HUGE chunk of the rapper’s empire … which includes a small city worth of properties, a fleet of expensive cars, and more.

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[video] Hurricane Chris Performs At The Louisiana House of Representatives

LMAO! Man, this one knocked me off my rocker. Who would’ve thought they’d be waking up to see Hurricane Chris getting honored in the Louisiana House of Representatives, with a suit on nonetheless? Well, at the end of the day its still a large look for Hip Hop and especially for the youth of Louisiana, who can see hard work gets acknowledged at the highest levels of government.  Halle Berry owes this dude some of that action she got reserved for Jamie Fozz by the way!

“W” Actors Arrested in Louisiana After Barroom Brawl

via Breitbart

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) – Actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, along with members of a crew filming an Oliver Stone movie, were arrested during a bar fight Saturday morning, police said.

Shreveport police Sgt. Willie Lewis said Brolin, Wright and five others were arrested just after 2 a.m. at a club called the Stray Cat bar.

A call to deal with a rowdy patron drew interference from other patrons, Lewis said.

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