[video] The Christian Missionary Buying Up Sudanese Slaves

Modern day slavery. This story is heartbreaking to say the least. Rich Arabs doing their best European impersonation in the enslavement of Black Africans in Sudan. Then we have the Christian Missionary to the so-called rescue who are looking for converts in exchange for these people’s freedom. These ‘masters’ they speak of in this doc are just subhuman devils disguised as the Islamic Army who are using innocent children to fight their wars. Sick just plain sick.

Golfweek Hangs Editor Out to Dry


It what seems to be a story that seems to reveal the true feelings of the lily white and historically racist golfing community(remember Fuzzy Zoeller), Golfweek has axed the editor of its magazine after a very racist and insensitive cover on the next issue was to highlight the recent incident of a reporter stating that the young professional golfing community should“lynch” Tiger Woods if they were to have any success. This just goes back to the saying that no matter how successful you are whites will always look at you as being a second class citizen(i.e nigger)As always Tiger will remain quiet and not speak out until he finds himself in some sort of a scandal and needs the black community(i.e Micheal Jackson). Now where are the Bob Johnsons and Bill Cosbys when you need em? Full whitewash at Fox Sports…and ESPN