[video] Neely Fuller Jr- As Long As You’re Not Effective They’ll Let You Speak

Tariq Nasheed recently revealed that the FBI knocked on his door asking about his affiliations. This was never proven to be 100% fact but if they are knocking at your door then they view you as some type of threat.

Neely Fuller jr explaining that any Black person speaking is being allowed to speak but if you are effective you better believe they are coming after you.



Malcolm X sits down with Mike Wallace to discuss police brutality on June 8, 1964. The more things change the more they stay the same?

On June 8, 1964, Mike Wallace interviewed Malcolm X and they discussed the African American Harlem environment and the community’s hostility against policemen. During this interview Malcolm X outlines this disproportionate targeting of the African American community by police, and why they do it. Continue reading

Nicki Minaj Apologizes for ‘Only’ Lyric Video’s Nazi Imagery, Says Video Producers are Jewish

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So the multi-million dollar generating bosstress didn’t initially sign off on this? Reeks of bullshit like her former apology for her ‘Lookin Ass Nigga’ artwork. Gonna post the video if you haven’t seen what has caused the shitstorm.

“The artist who made the lyric video for “Only” was influenced by a cartoon on Cartoon Network called “Metalocalypse” & Sin City,” she explained.

“Both the producer, & person in charge of over seeing the lyric video (one of my best friends & videographer: A. Loucas), happen to be Jewish. I didn’t come up w/the concept, but I’m very sorry & take full responsibility if it has offended anyone. I’d never condone Nazism in my art.”

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Malcolm X’s Grandson Breaks Silence!

In celebration of Malcolm X’s life, GIANT magazine caught up with his elusive grandson, Malcolm Shabazz. I had the opportunity of meeting Shabazz and I can attest to what he himself will openly admit, that being he is a young man looking for his way in a very unfamiliar world. He shared a lot of these sentiments with me that are echoed in this article.  I hope he pulls it together, he has a great spirit.


via NewsOne


His grandmother, Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, was killed in a fire he started 11 years ago. He was 12 years old. He had been shuttled in and out of correctional institutions until his release from Attica Prison in February 2007. Now MALCOLM SHABAZZ, 24, is on a mission: to clear his name, stay out of jail and rise from the ashes of his past.

During the course of a long-standing exclusive correspondence with Aliya S. King for NewsOne and GIANT magazine, Malcolm spoke candidly and introspectively about a checkered childhood, an unstable family life, and the burden of being the sole male heir to an icon whose life and legacy have transformed millions of lives.

The following are woven excerpts from hours of conversation with Shabazz:

People often describe me as troubled. I’m not going to say that I’m not. But I’m not crazy. I have troubles. A lot of us do. But you need to understand where I’m coming from and why I am the way I am. Considering what I’ve been through, it’s a miracle that I’ve been able to hold it together. I’m just trying to find my way. [I’ve read newspaper stories about me that] say, “Experts testify [that boy] is psychotic.” The way they describe me is wrong — bi-polar, depression, pyro, whatever. I know I’m not at all. Some of the things I’ve been through, the average person would have cracked.

All my life, I’ve had [moments where] I’ve lived in the lap of luxury in the Trump Towers and not wanted for a single thing. And the very next day I’m [living in] a slum in a gang-infested Philly neighborhood, eating fried dough three times a day. One minute, I’m in a situation with structure and discipline. The next minute I’m running the streets with no supervision at all. One of my aunts has a friend who is very devoted to his children. I was hanging out with them one day and all he talked about was [their] schedule and sports and taking his kids here and there. I wish I had that. I wish I had someone whose purpose in life was to take care of me. That’s how white people do it. They plan for [their] kids. We don’t. That’s cause we don’t plan our kids. I wasn’t planned. Continue reading

[video] Al-Qaeda Leader Calls Obama a ‘House Negro’

LMAO! With the bitter comes the sweet. These dudes are gonna wage a war of ideologies against Obama and use his commitment to two diverging groups (Black America vs. AmeriKKKa) or concepts of “America” against him.  Although, it is only name-calling the strategy is clever and as long as it goes unchecked it can become ugly, especially if Obama starts shucking in the Big House (lol).   

Malcolm X Killer Wants Parole….

Source : Bossip

Thomas Hagan, the man who assassinated Malcom X 43 years ago.Thomas Hagan, the man who assassinated Malcom X 43 years ago. At the time of the assassination Mr Hagan was 26 and a militant member of the Nation of Islam, the fatal shooting took place on Feb 21 1965.  At the time of the assassination Mr Hagan was 26 and a militant member of the Nation of Islam, the fatal shooting took place on Feb 21 1965. Picture by Splash News

The true story of the assasination of Malcolm X probably will never come out due to shady dealings between those who commited the murder and the government. Well it seems that confessed killer Thomas Hagan wants parole. Daily News got the story:

Thomas Hagan, who was convicted of first-degree murder for the 1965 assassination of the black leader, on Thursday filed court papers demanding a 14th parole hearing hoping to get full parole.
Hagan, 66, has spent 19 years on a work-release program in which he spends 12 hours a week at a corrections facility in Harlem and the rest of his time working or at home with his wife and kids.

“Indeed, multiplied by 19 years, [Hagan] has spent an overwhelming majority of his time in everyday society,” he argued in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. “Yet, his movement is monitored and limited.”

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