White Thief Disguises Himself As Black Man To Rob 6 Banks

Source: Thisis50

Straight out of Hollywood. When all else fails blame the black guy.

A white bank robbery suspect who police say wore an elaborate mask that made him appear to be a black man was described by a judge today as a “master of disguise” who needs to stay locked up.

“You are the type of villain we read about in novels and see in the movies,” Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Melissa Powers told Conrad Zdzierak as he appeared for an arraignment. She ordered him held on $3 million bond.

Police said Wednesday that the pock-faced black man with no facial hair caught on surveillance cameras robbing four banks and a CVS store in 3½ hours April 9 is actually a 30-year-old white man by the name of Conrad Zdzierak.

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