[video] Afroman arrested for viciously PUNCHING woman on stage

First off this was incredibly cowardly on his part. What exactly did she do to warrant such a vicious blow? He couldn’t just gesture to security to remove her from the stage? Sucker shit all around from this clown. Lastly, why do drunk ass people continue to go on the stage uninvited? Her boyfriend or whoever that was who climbed on stage after the blow should of stopped her from even going up there in the first place.

via TMZ

Afroman was booked for assault, and released after paying a $330 bond.

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Marijuana Lab found in Mall of Americas in Miami

This has got to be the greatest story of the day. The biggest mall in America with a hydroponics lab dead smack in the middle. Who ever had the balls to do this is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid or a bit of both. Well hopefully this may spurn more hemp inspired clothing in the long run!

via 13 Central Florida

MIAMI — The Drug Enforcement Administration discovered something unexpected in the Mall of the Americas.

DEA agents found a hydroponics lab with more than 200 marijuana plants, standing 3 to 6 feet tall in the air and worth millions of dollars, in a storage area on the second floor of the mall.

Authorities said the electricity that powered the lab was diverted from the mall’s main power supply.

No arrests have been made. Authorities said officials with the Mall of the Americas are cooperating with the investigation.

NYC Marijuana Arrest Capital, 52 Percent Blacks: Study

Police busted nearly 400,000 people for carrying small amounts of pot in the last decade, making New York City the world leader in marijuana arrests, civil rights advocates said Tuesday while unveiling a study criticizing the war on drugs. (File)

New York City has now become the marijuana arrest capital of the world. These arrests are primarily people who have very small amounts of marijuana and are targeted by the police department. The report also shows that African-Americans are overwhelmingly profiled and arrested by police who claim that they are not biased when they are conducting searches. Yeah right! Read the story below:

The study by Queens College sociologist Harry G. Levin, titled “Marijuana Arrest Crusade,” accused police of purposely singling out minorities during the 10-year crackdown. It said that data provided by stat Division of Criminal Justice Services showed that between 1997 and 2007, 52 percent of the suspects were black, 31 percent Hispanic and only 15 percent white.

The findings are further proof that “racial profiling is a fact of life on the streets of New York,” Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, told a news conference at the group’s Manhattan headquarters.

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