HBO”s ‘The Wire’ being taught at Harvard

Source: NY Post

Wow! My all time favorite TV show is now a case study for urban life in America.

If this does not convince them to make a movie I don’t what else could. David Simon has said that he is no longer interested in resurrecting the gritty drama.

Also for all you fans of The Wire I suggest you pick up a copy of The Corner which preceded this cult favorite and was done by the same writers and producers and directed by Charles Dutton.
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via NYPost

‘THE Wire,” HBO‘s gritty se ries about life in the Baltimore ghetto, is about to become a course at Harvard.

The announcement came at a panel discussion at the school featuring several of the show’s stars, according to the Harvard student newspaper, The Crimson.

The class will be taught by sociology professor William J. Wilson, one of the best-known African American history professors in the country, who has made no secret of the fact that he is a huge fan of the show.

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Wire Tap: If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

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It’s been a year and I still miss The Wire and all its characters. We said our final goodbyes in 2008 but recent endless viewings of the DVD box set had me feeling sentimental and inspired. It’s the “Who would play me in a movie?” game further realized and repurposed, i.e. which rappers would play characters on The Wire? So, without further adieu…

Charles Hamilton as Duquan “Dukie” Weems — These two have more of an uncanny physical resemblance than Blu and Bubbles. Besides their connection as look-alikes and being coincidentally homeless at different points in life, both are bright, yet can’t seem to get the formula quite right to move on to a higher level of success. Coincidentally, and both lived in the streets.

Nas as Avon Barksdale — Okay, so maybe Nas isn’t really a hustler or a gangster. But he is an older figure who has seen more dominant days, finding his way in an environment that may/may not be suited to his tastes any longer. Oh, and he evolved as the opposite of…

Jay-Z as Stringer Bell — The intelligent hustler. Does/did anyone so knee deep in their respective field have a more savvy business sense than these two? Continue reading