I guess it is all Ross’s now.

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According to an unnamed Mercedes-Benz source speaking with AutoWeek, the German automaker is killing off its Maybach line in 2013.

The unsurprising news comes after the brand was resurrected in 2002, but failed to meet sales expectations with its two core models, the Maybach 57 and 62. Further solidifying its fate, a deal with Aston Martin to aid in the development of future Maybachs fell through earlier this year.

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[pics] Limited Edition Xenatec Million Dollar Maybach Coupe Goes Into Production

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The Maybach is without a doubt the definition of status for many of the high rollers, and in the new partnership with Xenatec, this luxury car is receiving a brand new look.  With Maybach Exelero designer Fredrink Burchhardt leading the way, Xenatec transformed the Maybach 57S limousine into a two-door coupe, while maintaining the same 612 horsepower twin-turbo V12 internals. Xenatec is limiting the production of the 57S Maybach coupe to 100 examples at a price of (approx. $939,735).

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Diddy Maybach Smashed By Drunk Driver [pics]

This guy got wasted smashed Diddy’s whip. Pics of the half-million dollar car below:


Cops tell TMZ they popped jackass Charles Lorenzo for DUI last Friday after he slammed into several cars — including Diddy’s sweet ride — in front of Manhattan hotspot 1Oak.

Get this — cops say Lorenzo was so drunk when they showed up, he was ass up, passed out face down on the ground.

The Lex Coupe, Beamers & the Benz

America on the brink of recession? Well, someone forgot to tell the big spenders that flocked to Detroit to check out the future in automobiles.

 The 2008 International Auto Show is well underway in Detroit and the rides of the future have been unveiled.  Wanna see what will be taking over the streets of America in the ’08?  Before they pop up in your favorite video, get a glimpse at luxury on wheels here first.  Oh yeah, picture me rolling: 



You can drop the back on this Maybach Landaulet and leave the lid on the driver as you conquer the city streets in this modern day chariot.  For a modest sum of $1.5 million this could be you doggy!  



When all else fails, nothing turns heads like a Carolina  blue Lambo Murcielago. For $300 stacks this could be your best summer EVER! 


Want to shut down events from Corona to Barcelona?  Invest in this Powder Blue Ferrari  


The bell-ringer of the show was this drop top land yacht by Rolls Royce.  The Phantom DropHead is gaurenteed to turn heads.  In addition to the Rolls the European engineers are still cranking out top-notch Bentley’s.  You can be expecting to see Bentley’s galore as they’ve unveiled new GT’s, Brooklands and Azure’s!


More photo’s after the jump: 

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