Bloomberg, NYPD set to END Occupy Wall Street with CLEANING

We will now see how serious these protesters are about this shocking development,  read more below:

via Gawker

Last night, Mayor Bloomberg finally visited the Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan yesterday, nearly four weeks after it started on September 17th. But it wasn’t to eat free pizza: He informed protesters that Brookfield Properties, the management company which controls Zuccotti, will be conducting a long-overdue cleaning Friday morning. A cleaning! No big deal, right? Things have supposedly been getting a little ripe down there.

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[pic] MONSTER RAT killed in Jay Z’s Marcy Houses in Brooklyn (WTF)

The birthplace of Jay Z has a serious rat problem. Somebody in the Housing Authority needs to get on their job and get this under control because rats this big has to be a serious health problem for the residents.

via Black and Brown News
According to residents, vermin infestation is a long-standing battle at Marcy Houses. The recent sightings of extra-large wild rats, however, is a relatively new problem. The average length of an adult male wild rat is 10 inches and a body weight of 19 ounces. But a very large individual rat can reach 32 ounces. Still, rats weighing over 2.2 pounds are exceptional. The large rats found at Marcy Houses appear to be the size of either a large raccoon or possum.
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Cabbie gets scolded by Mayor Bloomberg for kicking out couple having a ‘Bromance’ in his taxi

These two dudes were probably about to commit a sexual act and this guy had every right to stop that from happening in his cab. This has noting to do with same-sex couple discrimination.

He is a Muslim and they strongly prohibit any Muslim from being around any homosexual activity. I think the mayor is way off on this one.( This third term is gonna be a rough one for Bloomy.) Anyway here is the story below:


Picture 1

The couple called it discrimination, but the driver claimed he feared they were about to have sex while he was driving.

“I wanted to pay attention to getting them to their destination instead of worrying if they were going to have sex or not,” Mohamed said.

He insisted he is not anti-gay.

Bloomberg said the hack should have focused more on the road and less on the back seat.

“I don’t know the facts or what the cabdriver said. I’m just telling you that a cabdriver shouldn’t worry about the orientation of the people that get in the taxi cab,” he said.

“The cabdriver’s job is to get them there safely, as expeditiously as possible.


Bloomberg Gets His Wish, Set To Rule NYC For 4 More Years

We here in NYC knew this was gonna happen. Trust me too many people aren’t up in arms over this at all. He will win in a landslide. Money, Power, Respect in its all its glory.

via CBS

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bid to run for a third term got the all-clear Thursday when the City Council voted to allow term limits to be extended from 8 to 12 years.

Emotional and often outspoken council members voted 29-22 in favor of the extension that now allows officeholders three consecutive four-year terms. About two-thirds of the City Council is currently in their second term.

In a statement released by Bloomberg shortly after the decision was announced, he said he was pleased with the council’s vote.

“Today, the majority of the City Council decided to give the people of New York a fuller choice in the November, 2009 election. I believe that was the right choice, and I want to thank Speaker Quinn for her leadership.

“Those of us who work on both sides of City Hall must now move forward with the important decisions that face us, particularly finding ways to soften the fallout from the economic downturn and balancing our budget as revenues decline. We have a lot of work to do together to get New York through these tough times.”


Billion Dollar Bloomberg Wants Another Run, Changes Term Limits ?

I predicted this not to long ago when I heard that he had the power to change the law. Why wouldn’t he?

He probably has the sweetest job in the country with unprecedented power in one of the biggest financial capitals in the world and he runs Bloomberg LP.

He does not have a personality like certified a-hole Rudolf Giuliani,so he will sweet talk NY’ers into a third term. He will win in a landslide, and you can add another 10 billion to his net worth.

via Yahoo

NEW YORK – Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to try to reverse the term-limits law he had long supported so he can seek a third term next year and help the city emerge from financial turmoil, a person close to the mayor told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Bloomberg made the decision over the weekend and will announce it Thursday, according to the person, who has been briefed on the matter but spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement hasn’t been made. The person said the mayor has been wrestling with the decision for the past couple of months.

The billionaire former CEO will cite the nation’s precarious economic situation as the reason that New York needs a tested financial manager to stay and guide the city, the person said.

The mayor, founder of the multibillion-dollar financial data firm Bloomberg LP, is reported to be worth an estimated $20 billion.

News of Bloomberg’s decision was first reported by The New York Times.


[video] I AM Sean Bell

So it seems the Sean Bell controversy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and rightfully so. This is a video of a collection of youth from Crown Heights, Brooklyn who are poetically voicing their opinion on the unjust outcome of last week’s lopsided verdict.