[Op-Ed] Obama’s “Defining Moment”

ALL HAIL THE CHIEF! Obama’s historic speech is being heralded as the defining moment of the campaign.  Taking the podium at approximately  10:11 p.m. Senator Obama was met with thunderous applause.  As he patiently waited to begin the “speech of a lifetime” Obama tempered the crowd then proceeded to deliver the magnum opus of modern day politics, a eloquently worded, masterful execution of an indictment against the current administration and a blank slate of promises to appease the needs of the American voter as it relates to domestic policy and concerns about “national” security.

At 11 p.m. Obama had done and formally become one of the things considered an anomaly when one is thinking about the “full” fruition of the American Dream; a viable “non-European” candidate for the highest office in the land, the seat of President of the UNITED STATES.  This “crowning” moment in American history took place on a date already historic in origin and intricately tied into the events taking place on stage in Denver tonight.  The “Civil” Rights leader and world renowned orator Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, atop the National Mall 45 years earlier, signaling the ideal of a change to come in American society, be it political, religious or societal, change by any name is CHANGE.

So along comes a Senator from the state of Illinois who is able to embody that dream and connect with the frequency of CHANGE, faithful enough in the realization of that dream that he had the audacity to HOPE that his message would resonate.  It did.  Tonight’s speech connected and took care of the constituency of voters who were waiting for their marching orders.  The campaign has been turned up another notch and herein begins the final lap to the White House.  How will history shape up in the next 70 days?  It should be an interesting ride, none the less. CLICK [HERE] to read the news assessment on  Obama’s performance Thursday night.

Investigative Journalist Uncovers Dirty Tricks Republicans are Using to Disenfranchise Obama Votes

via Greg Palast

In swing-state Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State conducted the biggest purge of voters in history, dumping a fifth of all registrations. Guess their color.

In swing-state Florida, the state is refusing to accept about 85,000 new registrations from voter drives – overwhelming Black voters.

In swing state New Mexico, HALF of the Democrats of Mora, a dirt poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic county, found their registrations disappeared this year, courtesy of a Republican voting contractor.

In swing states Ohio and Nevada, new federal law is knocking out tens of thousands of voters who lost their homes to foreclosure. Continue reading

Christian Conservatives Take Aim @ Obama, Calls His Interpretation of Scripture ‘Off’

Obama from the pulpit

Now that Obama is the certified Democratic ticket pundits are pouring over every excerpt uttered from his mouth. If its one thing the Christian Right doesn’t like it is to be told about “their” Bible. Them fighting words. Some past quotes have gotten Obama into beef with some Christian Conservatives who say his interpretation of scripture is off and accuse him of engaging in “fruitcase interpretation” of the Constitution, whatever that means. Peep one of Obama’s quotes that has the Neo-Cons panties in a bunch:
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McCain Advisor Apologizes For Saying ‘9/11’ Type Attack Would Benefit McCain

why did Bush knock down the Towers?

Let’s be clear, while the notion of a shadow government inflicting “terrorist” attacks on the Homeland of America to gain political advantage may be a foreign concept to some we here at STREET KNOWLEDGE put nothing past the criminal element that is pervasive in Washington politics. Why do they always incite the propaganda of fear when their backs are against the wall? Because it is a method that has consistently worked to their advantage so I find it as no surprise that McCain’s Republican cronies would be insinuating that to tip the balance of the election some more domestic terrorism is being ordered up, after all no one has answered for 9/11 as of yet. (see Loose Change).

via Reuters

FRESNO, California (Reuters) – A top adviser to Republican presidential candidate John McCain apologized on Monday after he was quoted as saying a September 11-type attack before the November election would benefit McCain.

The campaign of Democrat Barack Obama condemned the remark by McCain political adviser Charlie Black, calling it a “complete disgrace.”
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NEWSWEEK Poll Shows Obama Opening 15 Point Lead on McCain

Obama is off to the races

“Let the races begin!…Is this what they mean by Gallup Poll?”

via Newsweek

The latest NEWSWEEK Poll shows the Democrat with a 15-point lead over McCain

Barack finally has his bounce. For weeks many political experts and pollsters have been wondering why the race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain had stayed so tight, even after the Illinois senator wrested the nomination from Hillary Clinton. With numbers consistently showing rock-bottom approval ratings for President Bush and a large majority of Americans unhappy with the country’s direction, the opposing-party candidate should, in the normal course, have attracted more disaffected voters. Now it looks as if Obama is doing just that. A new NEWSWEEK Poll shows that he has a substantial double-digit lead, 51 percent to 36 percent, over McCain among registered voters nationwide.
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Obama Sets Up Cyberspace War Room to Battle Rumors

via Times Online

A crack team of cybernauts will form a rapid response internet “war room” to track and respond aggressively to online rumours that Barack Obama is unpatriotic and a Muslim.

As he gears up for his general election fight against John McCain, Mr Obama and his chief advisers are aware of the danger of such rumours, amid polling data showing that a significant number of Americans believe he is a Muslim or are suspicious about his background. Such doubts were a factor in his poor showing with white, blue-collar voters during his primary battle with Hillary Clinton.

In recent days Mr Obama has — unprompted — brought up the subject of the chain e-mails and blog sites making the false claims. Some state that he is a radical Muslim who was sworn in as a US senator on the Koran; others that he sympathises with Palestinian radicals. Many focus on his middle name of Hussein, which was taken from his Kenyan father.
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Lets Get Ready To Rumble…The Dems Duke It Out For the Number One Spot

So the world’s fate has come down to a three-way race! What we do know for now is that the Republicans will be making a last ditch effort to uphold the ideal of continuing the trend of sending a white male into the most powerful post in the world, the U.S. Presidency. The war hero Maverick McCain is their man in one the most highly contested elections in memory. If he gets the nod from the Neo Cons in his party and takes the election he will become the oldest man to gain the reigns of power. Now contrary to popular belief Hillary isn’t the first woman to run for the highest seat in the land, that would be Shirley Chisolm in ’72. Matter of fact she was the first female and woman of “color” to bid for a Presidency so she set the incentive for both Hillary & Obama. And contrary to popular belief Obama wouldn’t be the first “amalgamated” citizen to hold the highest positon in America either. Prior to the founding of the “United” States of America, John Hanson was President of the Continental Congress followed by atleast nine others with mixed blood. Its even rumored that Eisenhower was mulatto. But we understand Obama is an articulate, identifiable “black” man with mixed ancestry that white folk are overwhelming throwing their support to, so he in essence is the “first” to have a serious chance of snagging the most powerful post on the planet since these United States where founded after ratifying the Constitution in 1787. How will America respond to its biases? Which do they fear the most? An old war hawk “Maverick” in control of the “red” button or an emotional woman or an “angry” black man? All of the stereotypes are at play irregardless of who stumbles over not wanting to be the first one to inject race, religion, gender or age into the debate. It is always fresh in the mind of Americans and the next Leader of the Free World will be the one who incites the least amount of fear in the overall electorate. So, to everyone else in the world, Americans included, what are your thoughts on this historic election and the fears that voters are being forced to face? Will it be our fear of religious zealots (Neo Con Republicans) the elderly (McCain) women (Hillary) or the “black”man (Obama) that determines how we set the course for history this election year?