Israeli Scientists Create Medical Marijuana That Does Not Get You High

If this stuff is legit, you would have to say there could be far reaching and  massive changes to the medical marijuana industry

via Yahoo

Israeli scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant that doesn’t get people stoned in a development that may help those smoking marijuana for medical purposes, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

According to the Maariv daily, the new cannabis looks, smells and even tastes the same, but does not induce any of the feelings normally associated with smoking marijuana that are brought on by the substance THC, or

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Feds to SHUT DOWN Medical Marijuana Facilities in California

Having spent alot of time in California, I know this is shocking news to the many holders of medical marijuana cards. This also shows you that Federal Law trumps everything at the end of the day.

via Huff Post
In an escalation of the ongoing conflict between the U.S. government and the nation’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry, at least 16 pot shops or their landlords received letters this week stating they are violating federal drug laws, even though medical marijuana is legal in California. The state’s four U.S. attorneys were scheduled Friday to announce a broader coordinated crackdown.

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Scientist developing marijuana that does not get you high

I know some of you guys cant even fathom what is the purpose of highless marijuana but this lady below does not think every person with a ‘chronic’ disease wants to get sloshed.

Chapman University professor Keun-Hang Susan Yang is working to separate the intoxicating effects of marijuana from the medically beneficial ones. Register photo by Leonard Ortiz.

via The Orange County Register

New research shows that marijuana, long a symbol of tie-dyed inebriation, could one day become a respectable prescription drug with no intoxicating effects.

A Chapman University scientist reveals in two recent studies that nausea-reducing chemicals in marijuana can be separated from the chemicals that produce euphoria.

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[video] Soldiers arrested for ‘Medical Marijuana’ facility Break-in

These guys are still on active duty, I guess they needed some weed to smoke away the pain of potentially going to Afghanistan.

via KKTV

Three Fort Carson soldiers who were caught inside a business and accused of breaking into a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs were advised Monday of their charges from the Criminal Justice Center.

The soldiers were arrested just after 2 a.m. Saturday at the Rocky Road Remedies medical marijuana dispensary.

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Prop 19 Goes ‘Up in Smoke’

Okay people stop dreaming because if it didn’t pass in California then that means it is dead for the rest of the country forever. Sorry.
via Newser

Newser) – California voters rejected a cutting-edge measure that would have made it legal to grow, possess, and use up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes. Prop. 19 was supported by young voters, the San Francisco Bay Area, state branches of the NAACP, and retired police chiefs, but slammed by both parties and law enforcement officials.

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Washington DC approves Medical Marijuana

I will not be making any Marijuana/Barry Obama jokes in this post, so don’t ask!
via Toke of the Town

The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved amendments to a medical marijuana law first passed in 1998 by 69 percent of District voters. Congress had blocked implementation of Initiative 59 for more than a decade, until it lifted its ban last year.

With Tuesday’s vote, the District of Columbia joins the 14 states across the country which already allow qualified patients to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest.

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New KFC Opens (Instead of Fried Chicken, They Sell Marijuana)

Picture 28

Noah Galuten Fried chicken spot becomes weed dispensary, probably serves similar clientele.

I think a mash-up with half medical marijuana, half fried chicken spot is heaven on earth.

via LA Weekly

There has been an abandoned Kentucky Fried Chicken in Palms, slumping sadly these past few months on the corner of Exposition Blvd. and Hughes Ave. What, locals wondered, would replace it? A new burger joint? A Peruvian rotisserie chicken stand? It turns out that the KFC has been replaced by… a KFC. In this instance, though, the KFC stands for “Kind For Cures”, and while they do sell things that are edible, you can’t buy them, or even ask about them, without a prescription.

There have been marijuana dispensaries popping up all over Southern California of late, but this one is slightly different. Rather than tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch, the proprietors of this alternative KFC decided to incorporate the design of the previous tenants. They have removed the official Kentucky Fried Chicken logo, but the rest of the building remains mostly intact.

So do they plan on selling hot biscuits with THC butter? Can you order your Pineapple Express by the bucket? Do they offer family meals? “No comment.” Hm. I suppose we’ll have to take that as a no.

Kind For Cures, 3516 Hughes Ave, Palms, (310) 836-5463