[videos + pics] The Game Gives Back to Ferguson

IMG_1805The Game stopped by Ferguson, MO yesterday to visit Michael Brown’s memorial and meet with his family. That wasn’t the extent of his stay, however.

The Compton native was also in a giving mood and took it upon himself to buy 100 Happy Meals, which he also helped cook and serve to the local youth as part of his Robin Hood Project. You can check out the rest of the pics and videos here. Salute to Game for stepping up and spreading some love.

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Got a chance to spend time with #MikeBrown's grandmother. #Ferguson

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#100HappyMeals #WeCookinBaby #LoveTheKids #Ferguson #RIPMIKEBROWN

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Time Magazine writer equates King of Pop furneral procession to OJ Simpson Chase

James Poniewozik, TIME Magazine writer criticizes Michael Jackson Memorial calling Jacksons casket gaudy.

James Poniewozik, TIME Magazine writer criticizes Michael Jackson Memorial calling Jackson's casket gaudy.

While checking out the CNN website I could not help but to notice their partner, Time Magazine’s, “A strange, gaudy and moving farewell” headline.  James Poniewozik, who certaintly will never experience the universal love that Michael Jackson received from his fans, disgustingly found it appropriate to make sly remarks about the King of Pop Memorial Service.

“(Gordy also called Jackson “The greatest entertainer that ever lived.” Was there hyperbole? Sure. It was a memorial.),” Poniewozik writes questioning the unmatched talent and popularity of Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson received the Memorial of a King because he was a King, not only in the realms of music but as a humanitarian.

To James Poniewozik, it is easier to see the world from a critical view but I challenge you to take a look in your mirror and make a change within yourself and the world around you.  Disrespect and sly remarks do not go unnoticed and while you focus on being negative the world Michael Jackson celebrates around you, Bill O’Rielly and Pete King.  Who will celebrate you when you are gone?

If you feel Poniewozik was disrespectful send a letter to: letters@time.com

It is hypocritical for TIME to make money off of celebrating MJ on their cover and allow these undercutting sly remarks in the same moment.

[video] The World Stops for the King of Pop Memorial (STICKY POST)

Even in his farewell, Michael Jackson has united people acoss the world and provided us with an opportunity to focus on the power of love rather than on our differences. Anyone who tuned into the live broadcast of the memorial for the King of Pop would at the very least have been moved when Paris Jackson tearfully told the world that “my daddy was the best father.”

While receiving worldwide coverage, Michael Jackson’s memorial was heartfelt and intimate as Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Brooke Shields, Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz, Usher, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Motown founder Barry Gordy, Rev. Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III and Bernice King shared their stories.

From Magic Johnson’s story of Michael Jackson enjoying Kentucky Fried Chicken to Al Sharpton telling Paris, Blanket and Prince that there wasn’t anything strange about their father brought truth center stage.

With such a beautiful out pour of love for Michael as he is laid to rest, we cannot help but wish that he was here see and feel our embrace. What if we would have stood up for him when mainstream media sought to destroy him. Only after his death do we hear so many public professions of love and stern proclamations of Michael’s innocence against the child molestation allegations.

Even the admission of Jordan Chandler that his father pushed him to lie on Michael Jackson is not enough to shield MJ from the critics venom as we were forced to listen to damning speculations and negativity that usurped his legend in the mainstream media throughout the week. And while critics took shots, the fans persistently celebrated his life with tributes from NYC to China.

In this, I hope we learn that it is our obligation to stand up for truth and seize the moment to share our love for each other while time allows. Furthermore, we understand that we, the people, the public, have the power to shape to provoke and accomplish real change.

Thank you Michael.

The Day The Earth Stands Still


The ending of an era is coming to its pinnacle and the beginning of a new age is embarking on the world as well.  The way the world knows, understands, appreciates and honors the legacy of this KING amongst men is about to undergo a drastic transformation.  A true STAR is preparing to take its place amongst the constellation of late great LEGENDS of this era. Music icons like Ray Charles, James Brown, Sam Cook, Bobby Womack, Gerald Levert, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and more will be the first in line in the Halls of the Pearly Gates waiting to welcome the KING of POP amongst the ranks of the GREATS who art in Heaven. Like Jigga the God MC famously said, numbers don’t lie and Micheal’s magic lie in his numbers.

Him being the 7th son who made his transition on 6/25, which amounts to 7 once you add the 2 and the 5. Do the knowledge “God” and you k the rest. The GOD is being laid to rest on the day of his completion, 7/7…7 days after being memorialized in Harlem by way of the Apollo.

Interestingly enough Michael’s astrological sign, the Virgo, which also is representative of “Seven” is represented by the woman who is referred to as the “Moon.” And suprisingly 7/7 is also a Full Moon in Capricorn, and the day plays host to a “Lunar Eclipse” the very same day.  World renown astrologist Jan Spiller interpets it to mean:

“Given that this Full Moon is in the sign of CAPRICORN and combines with a LUNAR ECLIPSE, the emotional energy is likely to be even more stirred up than under the normal monthly Full Moon. You will be more aware than usual of your own needs for control of your destiny.”

Michael poured all his love and energy into a cause dear to his heart. He vehemently protested the abuses being done to the Planet by her inhabitants.  His video for PLANET SONG is one of the most compelling clips I’ve ever seen thus far. Let us all take a look at the man in the mirror before we cast judgment on how someone else is shuffling their cards. The way to honor the legacy of this musical genius is by continuing his work, which is never done. Children are still suffering, forests are still dying and animals are on the brink of extension under the weight of the world, so let us all play our individual parts to bring about “Change” in the name of the LEGEND.