Memphis Bleek Talks Leaving Roc-a-Fella


via HipHopDX

Rapper Memphis Bleek recently took time to discuss his departure from Roc-A-Fella distributor Def Jam .

“Jay’s the kindest nigga that walk the face of this earth and everything ain’t money,” said Bleek in a video on, rebutting rumors that Jay-Z didn’t look after his artists. “Nigga gave everybody he knew that he came up with rhyming with opportunity, that’s all you can ask for…You know Hov broke bread…I left Def Jam…I had options to put out another album on Def Jam but then I had a meeting with him and he made it real clear to me, ‘Why do that, you got the opportunity right now to run your own company. I’ma get you the distribution deal for Get Low Records, you sign your artists, drop your albums under Get Low and I’ma still executive produce.'”

Bleek also spoke on Roc-A-Fella’s initial breakup, saying that “I saw it coming…I ain’t seen or speak to Beans in forever, I ain’t seen the Gunz in forever…I definitely ain’t seen or speak to Peedi Crakk.”

As for his relationship with Dame Dash, “It was weird. Dame always was cool to me. He looked out for me as a youngin…He was a good dude. You know how they say – with money, it changes a lot of things. It changed Roc-A-Fella.”

[video] Bklyn Rapper Memphis Bleek forced to sell Shampoo

I was put onto this video by ATF and IDC and it just goes to show you how bad rap music and industry is doing on a whole. There is also a new venture headed by Jermaine Dupri called T.A.G Records that is funded by Procter & Gamble.

This commercial and others like it, some say are rappers extending their influence and others say this is straight selling out the culture for financial gain.

note: Jay Z has always expressed that Memphis Bleek was a millionaire by default by their association, but if that was true would Memphis Bleek be hocking shampoo?

Can rappers maintain their street credibilty and still shill items for Corporate America?